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Sean Bean wants to return to the Game of Thrones series

Ned Stark Actor Sean Bean discusses the possibility of returning in future Game Of Thrones projects

The worldwide success of Game of Thrones and its products has been a gold mine for many actors. But long before his fame in the audiovisual industry, one of the the main attractions of the series were the appearance of Sean Bean, legendary Hollywood actor. Now Ned Stark himself wants to return to Westeros.

Ned Stark Game of Thrones

In a conversation with Screen Rant, Sean Bean has openly announced that he is willing to return as Ned Stark in the next Game of Thrones projects, if the possibility existed. Famous all over the world for its Boromir’s role in The Lord of the Ringshas the actor reflected on the consequences of HBO series hitboth on a personal and professional level.

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“I don’t know if he’ll ever be around again. But yeah, it’s always nice to think that you could somehow be involved in such a great series, something that became the whole world.Bean commented. “I don’t think we knew at the time with Lord of the Rings how big it was going to be, and the same thing happened with Game of Thrones. If I’m ever asked again, it would be nice to be involved in some way.“, He continued.

How would Sean Bean return to Game of Thrones?

Sean Bean - Game of Thrones

(Spoiler warning). After believing him to be a main character in the series, death to behead Ned Stark season 1 finale has been one of them most shocking moments in the franchise and has left more than one onlooker frozen.

But over the course of the seasons, we realized that it wasn’t a final goodbye to the character, since he is seen again in seasons 6 and 7 through flashbacks that Bran Stark had. Objectively, this looks like only power alternative to see Bean in the role of Ned again, at some point I remember the past in a future franchise project that is chronologically close to the original series.

With flip of Dragon’s House and the next products have already been thought about HBOes unlikely to come back from great Sean Bean to Game of Thrones, but the memory of his fleeting role will always remain.

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