Say goodbye to Power Rangers by Boom Studios: Is a reboot coming?

Power Rangers

The end of the current era of Power Rangers could be a prelude to an exciting start with a new reboot and new adventures.

The Power Rangers franchise that has captured the imagination of generations now faces a critical moment at Boom Studios. “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Darkest Hour #1” will mark the end of this illustrious saga on July 31, 2024, but rumors of what’s coming next suggest that it could be the beginning of the end.

The countdown has begun.

Boom Studios has published the final issue of the main series, “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #122”, preparing us for a grand farewell with a week to go before the grand finale. This farewell isn’t just closure, it’s also a window into future adventures, as the publisher has exciting announcements in the coming months, including plans for San Diego Comic-Con. Could this signal a reboot of the saga?

The team behind this latest chapter includes beloved writer Melissa Flores, best known for her work on “Spider-Gwen: Smash,” and talented artist Simona Di Gianfellis, who made her mark on “Firefly: Back to Earth.” Together, they promise to deliver the most memorable finale of nearly a decade.

“After almost two years, the darkest hour will be over. It was one of the biggest tasks of my career, but I enjoyed every painful minute of it,” Flores explained. “Although our poor Rangers are tested, I hope the ending will be as satisfying to readers as I was to writing it.”

I am so excited to share this amazing adventure with Melissa. She kept us in suspense until now, and now she’s ready to surprise us again! Prepare to immerse yourself in this final chapter of the Darkest Hour. “Come, come!” Di Gianfelice added.

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An action-packed finale

The final battle against the dark specter looms, and with the morphine grid in danger, Earth is left unprotected without its defenders. An unlikely team of rogues, villains and rangers is formed, creating a fascinating and complex dynamic. Not only does this unlikely group face potential threats, but they also face the challenge of working through their differences as a team. Even if they win, will it be possible to rebuild all that was lost?

This extravagant special edition features a main cover by Taurin Clarke and a spoiler cover by Santa Fung’s Secret, a dark grid variant by Björn Barends and a helmet variant by Gonny Montes. Each variant has been carefully crafted to capture and celebrate the heroic spirit and epic achievements of the saga, making this edition an essential collector’s item for Power Rangers fans and followers.

Power guards

Is rebirth on the horizon?

As Boom Studios closes a chapter, the buzz surrounding a potential reboot cannot be ignored. The idea of ​​recreating this iconic series has sparked hope and nostalgia among fans. As the release date approaches, the excitement grows. The Power Rangers have proven their ability to evolve and adapt over the years, and the possibility of a reboot is not only exciting, but also appropriate.

The Power Rangers’ legacy is undeniable, and their impact on popular culture is profound. Anticipating what Boom Studios has in store as we prepare to say goodbye to an era keeps us on the edge of our seats. The Power Rangers universe has always been about transformation and regeneration.