Conan Library Review. Conan Chronicles 3 – Return to Simria

 Conan Library Review.  Conan Chronicles 3 - Return to Simria

Kurt Busiek, Cary Nord, Timothy Truman, Tomás Giorello, Paul Lee, Richard Corben and other authors bring us a new installment of the Conan Chronicles published by Panini Comics.

Despite their relative simplicity, it’s sometimes nice to step back into the comfort zone of universes where you feel comfortable as a reader. That’s the case with the Conan stories, and the character of the Penny comic series published under the Conan Library line is a prime example of this. The third episode has arrived titled The Chronicles of Conan 3 – Return to Cimria.

The Chronicles of Conan

The most civilized barbarian of the Hyborian era

One of the themes that writer Robert E. Howard seems to be concerned with, among many others, is that Conan is Conan despite his brutality, his violent way of resolving conflicts, and his contempt for anything that is not based on the rules he lives by. The characters in his stories are in many cases highly dignified and civilized.

In the first editions of this collection, where we start a new cycle, we present some of them. In this case, the star screenwriter will be Timothy Truman, taking the baton from the great Kurt Busiek, who also appears here to write an interlude that works brilliantly here, and that change is noticeable despite the fact that Truman is a continuum when it comes to the nature of our main character.

Here the Cimmerian is a man who always pays his debts, whatever they may be, and while he certainly has archaic tastes, he has a sense of humor as a precise detail that elevates him above the other incarnations he’s met. In other series.

Conan, Panini ComicsConan, Panini Comics

Hand of Nergal

In this first volume of the volume, without a doubt, The Hand of Nergal is a direct adaptation of the character’s first novel from Star Trek. So it’s a pure sword and sorcery story, one that is basic and at the same time very intoxicating because of the atmosphere in which it all happens…

A girl in need, entrails that become cannon fodder, a touch of Lovecraft, and an unsuspecting hero emerging alive from a plot with an apocalyptic ending are all things Truman plays with. Add enough of his own to heighten the quality of the original story and change it beyond what it should be.

After a very explosive climax, the story ends, leaving everything well for the next phase of the character to begin, changing the title…

Conan, Panini Comics

Conan Simri

To round out the volume we get the first 8 issues of the Conan the Cimmerian series, a series that was a complete volume published by Planeta Comic a few years ago. Closing out this volume in these comics we have a couple of famous early Conan Ray fans: Thomas Zorello and Timothy Truman. And we’ll have a legend like Mr. Richard Corben with us as a guest artist.

Giorello gives our protagonist a dark tone that suits the environment in which these events take place, although he is not canon to the character and is widely regarded as the best artist to have drawn this character. The return to Cimmeria in the harsh winter we see in the first pages foreshadows how the rest of us will breathe. Well, we’re talking about the ones made by the Argentinian artist, because they clash with the ones painted by the speaker Corben.

In these beginnings we see Conan meet the beautiful Caolan, a young love who has grown to know how to take care of herself but still plays the role of a damsel in distress that Conan must protect. Although the relationship ends tragically, it is doomed not to be more than a short affair (otherwise the name of this woman will be too familiar to us), in these cases a well-defined character develops and this adds value to the plot.

Another guest star worth mentioning is Conan’s grandfather, Connacht, whose adventures are drawn by Mr. Corben’s flash and colored by the great José Villarubia. This completes this two-part narrative that makes these numbers an extremely impressive and enjoyable volume.

As for the amazing edition, the hardcover edition by Panini Comics contains 496 color pages measuring 17 x 26 cm. And the American edition translated by Joan Joseph Musara, including #40 to #50 of the regular series and the first eight issues of the Conan the Cimmerian series, in addition to covers of all the issues included and a final episode with many extras. The recommended retail price for this size is €47 and it goes on sale in March 2024.

Conan Library.  Conan Chronicles 3 - Return to SimriaConan Library.  Conan Chronicles 3 - Return to Simria

Conan Library. Conan Chronicles 3 – Return to Simria

Conan is an inspired adaptation of one of Robert E. Howard’s most acclaimed stories, as he finds himself in the middle of a power struggle!

Next, a lingering curse follows Conan on his journey to his homeland. As the evil of the past looms large, unimaginable terrors await him as he returns to Cimria.

The barbarian land of Conan’s birth is a welcome change from the traitorous cities of the East, but after a temporary truce with the Aesir is threatened by the woman Conan once loved, he once again finds himself in a challenging conflict. Their terrible strength, cunning and desire.

Authors: Richard Corben, Kurt Busick, Carrie Nord, Thomas Zorello, Timothy Truman, Paul Lee, Jose Villarubia, and Greg Root.