Spider-Man 4: Tom Holland offers a new update on the MCU film

spider-man 4

Tom Holland is part of the Spider-Man 4 creative team.

Spider-Man 4 receives a new update from Tom Holland himself.

How is the development of Spider-Man 4 going?

In an interview with Deadline, Holland was asked if he wanted to play Arachnid for many years and if he could share any new information about the next Spider-Man movie. While the actor couldn’t provide details on the project or provide production start dates, he did comment that he was excited to be involved with the Marvel Cinematic Universe film from a creative perspective.

“The simple answer is I’ve always wanted to make Spider-Man movies. My life and career in Spider-Man. So the simple answer is yes. I always want to do more. We have the best in the business to make any story happen. But until we understand it, we have a legacy to look forward to. The third film was so unique in so many ways that we had to make sure we did the right thing. My first time in this process was earlier when I was part of the creation. It is a process that I have observed and learned from. It’s a very interesting platform for me. Like I said, everyone wants this to happen. But we want to make sure we don’t do too much of the same thing.

At this time, Spider-Man 4 does not have a release date, nor has it been announced who will be the director of the film. However, recent reports suggest that filming will begin this year, so we may have news about the MCU movie soon.