“I must be his older sister.”

"I must be his older sister."

I have to admit that some of my favorite versions of songs performed on ‘Glee,’ the teenage musical series, were performed by Lea Michele and Idina Menzel. The famous character from ‘Wicked’ (and ‘Frozen’) was hired by Ryan Murphy and company because of her resemblance to the actress who plays Rachel Berry to play her mother.

It was the details of the character that bothered Menzel the most. We can say in his own words that it hurt his pride, as he revealed in an interview with Stellar magazine.

He didn’t dream

In that interview, he talked about how his career and personal life had been a time when his call to work in fiction didn’t quite fit:

“You know, you worry about never working again and then maybe people hire you to be someone’s mom when you should be their older sister. It wasn’t good for the ego.”

But I stuck with it and I’m excited to work with Ryan Murphy and be a part of this hit show. I gave birth to my son Walker and they called me three months later [para estar en Glee] And I said yes.

Moreover, Menzel remembers how during the filming of the first season (she will appear from time to time to the fourth) she was still breastfeeding, so she was not very comfortable in wardrobe matters, “I don’t fit into any clothes.”

This happened in the year It was in 2009, although we won’t see its debut until 2010. To put ourselves in context, Menzel was 38 years old at the time so she could be a mother to a teenager and dating Lea Michele. Fifteen years (he was 23 at the time). In ‘The Crowded Room’ the song is somewhat less than the case of Tom Holland and Emmy Rossum.