Dragon Ball Super Manga will start its flight soon

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Revelations from the official website have plans to keep fans’ hopes up for Dragon Ball.

After the release of Chapter 103, the Dragon Ball Super Universe was suspended in an echoing silence amidst the echoes of its sequels. The indefinite hiatus established after the tragic death of Akira Toriyama leaves Goku and company in the narrative until now. Recently, the official Dragon Ball site promised to revive the hopes of fans and screens: the manga will return.

Created by Akira Toriyama, the Dragon Ball franchise has captured the imagination of generations since its inception in 1984. Starting from the manga, the anime series expanded into several popular sagas: Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Super. Each series explores the limits of the characters’ strength and bravery as they strive to protect Earth and the universe from various threats. The series is renowned for its dramatic combat, emotional depth and ability to reinvent itself, remaining relevant and popular worldwide.

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Bright return prospects

It is expected that the next June issue of V Jump magazine will be introduced and a special column titled “Dragon Ball Super Interval Special” will be previewed. Until the manga continues its course to develop new adventures, this monthly installment will host Toriyama’s takeover illustrations and commentary from illustrator Toyoro, enriching the watch with a detailed and unique SUPER HERO arc.

The initiative not only revives the flames of the narrative, but also enriches the understanding of the saga and its characters by bringing back key figures such as Dr. Gero’s son Gevon. Introduced in the series’ first cartoon, Gevo appears as a link between the technological past and the series’ warriors, connecting the dots with the legendary Red Ribbon Army.

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The manga, which created mysteries and predictions, stopped publication due to the influence of Toriyama’s passing. In an emotional statement, Toyoro described how Toriyama’s praise was “all for him,” highlighting the deep connection and mutual respect in their collaboration. This hiatus is more than just empty, the artist has served to reinforce his commitment to preserving and honoring Toriyama’s legacy, even repurposing rare characters from other manga such as “Saving Soldier Cashman.”

VIZ and the spread of Dragon Ball in the West

No less important is the role of publisher VIZ, which has proven to be the largest manga publisher in the US, with VIZ translating 20 of the 23 volumes of Dragon Ball Super. Active and accessible to western fans. The first volume reveals Goku’s eternal quest for life-shattering challenges, from Earth’s formations to interstellar battles like Beerus, the God of Destruction.

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The return of Dragon Ball Super is not only a new chapter in the saga, but also an invitation for fans to reconnect with the universe that has spanned generations. With the promise of new stories and the continuation of an artistic legacy, Waiting, though full of uncertainty, will be a place of tribute, anticipation and, above all, much respect for what was and will be. This exciting development guarantees to keep alive the flame of adventure and evolution that defines the series.