Loki: Tom Hiddleston talks about the series’ second season finale

Loki - Kang - UCM - Jonathan Majors - Marvel Studios

14 years after his first appearance in Thor, the actor shared filming secrets and the happy closure given to Loki and possibly the character.

The Marvel Universe is an ever-expanding tapestry, woven with epic storylines and memorable characters. At the center of this wondrous cosmos is Loki, the god of deception, brilliantly played by Tom Hiddleston. Following the end of the actors’ strike, Hiddleston appeared on “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon to talk about the recent season and its thrilling finale.

An amazing season finale with Loki and his quest for purpose

The second season finale of “Loki” isn’t just another chapter; It is the closing of a cycle spanning six films, twelve episodes and fourteen years. Hiddleston, who started his career in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) at the age of 42 at the age of 29, reflects this impressive career in his character. According to the show, the final episode, titled “A Noble Cause,” will pick up and solidify themes and versions of Loki that have evolved throughout the series and the MCU.

The series is more than a superhero adventure; It is a reflection of purpose and identity. In the first season, Mobius, played by Owen Wilson, confronts Loki with the lie of his original “noble purpose,” which after speaking with the rest of him prompts a journey of self-discovery and transformation. Hiddleston shares how this journey resonates with the universal struggle of identity and free will that give the series unique depth.

The end that connects the universe

For fans who watched the season two finale, Hiddleston’s words hold special meaning. Not only does Loki reach a deeper understanding of himself, but he also becomes an important focal point in the Multiverse.


At the end of the season, we see Loki take on the task of repairing time, his clothes loosened by the temporal radiation, but his magic grows and he repairs it with new clothes and horns. The journey ends with him gathering the threads of the masses, wrapping them in his cloak and holding them in his hands, placing himself at the center all the time.

What’s next in the MCU?

In addition to closing a chapter in Loki’s life, this season also sets the stage for future stories in the MCU. After the events of the first season and his appearance in “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania”, Loki embarks on a new adventure in this second season to prevent the collapse of reality. With Mobius and facing the consequences of Sylvie’s actions, Loki is placed at the center of Marvel’s Multiverse Saga.


Tom Hiddleston takes Loki in a stunning transformation, from a cocky and ambitious villain to a multi-faceted character with true purpose. This evolution reflects the rich and complex narrative that captured the imaginations of MCU fans. The “Loki” season two finale isn’t just a happy ending for the series; It’s a milestone in MCU history, a turning point that promises more exciting adventures on the horizon. But soon, one of the most important heroes in the Marvel Cinema will leave us with the bitter taste of farewell and we hope that everything is part of his “lies”.