One-Punch Man’s fan-favorite monster gets a wholesome origin story

One-Punch Man: Manako shares her origins.


Manako’s origin as a monster is revealed in chapter #195 and surprisingly, her management is healthy, showing a different side to monsters in One-Punch Man. Manako claims to be separated from the Psykos toy monster Gyro Gyoro and believes it to be her conscience, showing the ability of remorse that other monsters do not possess. Manako’s presence in the story suggests that some monsters can be rationalized and assimilated into society, challenging the belief that all monsters must be eradicated.

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Warning: Spoilers for One-Punch Man Chapter #195The monster known as Manako (or “Oculette” in the English version) is a beloved character in One-Punch Man, and her terrifying origins are finally revealed — and they’re shockingly healthy. Manako, who first appeared in the Monster Association arc as Saitama wandered through the interior of their base, quickly became a fan favorite and proved important in the most recent arc.

One-Punch Man chapter #195 in the Japanese release is equivalent to chapter #193 in the English Viz Media release.

Manako met God with Saitama and Flash, and as a result, Flash was looking for her, recently tracking her down thanks to King and Saitama. In chapter #195, Saitama and Manako accompany Flashy Flash to the Hero Association HQ basement, where an attempt is being made to exterminate the monsters from the Super Fight arc 100 chapters ago. Manako worries that they’ll try to turn her into a monster too, and says that she was never human to begin with.

One-Punch Man: Manako shares her origins.

Instead, she claims that Manako was separated from the toy monster Gyro Gyoro, who was raised in a tank to work for the Psychos (the true leader of the monster guild). The conscience.

Manako is the most unique monster yet of One-Punch Man.

Manako Saitama and Flash Flash

The monsters in One-Punch Man are always evil and often enjoy suffering. This time, many kinds of monsters appeared, and each of them looked a little different. Manako’s explanation of her origin suggests that she was not a naturally occurring monster or “monster” but a man-made being. When Manako was first discovered, she was hiding in the bathroom at the Monster Association headquarters, trying not to be part of the battle raging on the surface. That alone shows that Manako was no average monster.

While Manako is guessing what part of Gyoro Gyoro once was, her comparison of herself to conscience is interesting in itself. Having a conscience suggests a capacity for remorse, something few monsters have been shown to have. Manako’s main concern is constant survival, and while she does at one point consider attacking Saitama and the Flash, it’s mostly out of fear that they’ll kill her before it’s any use. Manako realizes she’s no threat, even with a super hero blast, and rescues her alongside Saitama and Flash.

Manako proves that monsters are not necessarily evil in One-Punch Man

One-Punch Man Manako and Flash-Flash with a heart between them.

Manako’s presence in the story definitely showed a different side to any monster seen before. Before, exterminating monsters seemed to be the only solution to save humanity, but now it seems that some monsters can exist and live in society. Of course, as the threat begins to grow from mere monsters to the evil God, the One-Punch Man may reveal a different side to the monsters, though for now it’s only Manako.

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