Invincible introduced us to an already very powerful character, and he’s not who you think he might be.


The first half of the second season of Invincible left us with the introduction of several new characters from other universes, but none as powerful as this one.

In the depths of the “Invincibles” universe, an animated series for adults that has won the hearts of fans on Prime Video, appears a wonderful and admirable mother figure: Debbie Grayson. Unlike other female characters in the superhero world, Debbie stands out for her strength, emotional intelligence, and ability to influence the course of events beyond stereotypes and clichés. As part of the second season of ‘Invincible’, it’s time for Debbie, played brilliantly by Sandra Oh, to explore what it means to be a strong female character in a genre that is often dominated by men.

From her first appearance, Debbie defies expectations. In the comics, his role was more passive, but in the Amazon TV adaptation, he appears as a central figure, so they chose to give this character more presence and refinement. She becomes actively involved in the search for the truth behind the Guardians of the Globe, revealing that her husband, Nolan, may be involved. This evolution from a secondary character to an essential ‘invincible’ in the narrative marked a significant shift, placing a non-powerful woman at the center of the plot and an important counterweight to both superheroes.

Debbie and Mark’s relationship: A reflection of growth and romance

The dynamic between Debbie and her son Mark, played by Steven Yeun, is another area where the series shines. Instead of maintaining contentious relationships like the comics, the series shows a deeper and more twisted relationship. They have disagreements and painful moments, but these are increasingly under the light of love and compassion, giving a more humane and realistic view of their relationship.


One of the highlights of the series is when Debbie confronts her husband Omni-Man’s unimaginable powers. Despite her human nature and lack of superpowers, Debbie does not hesitate to face him, realizing that true strength does not always lie in physical prowess, but in courage and moral conviction. This conflict highlights the importance of Debbie’s character being ‘indomitable’.

Debbie’s influence on ‘Invincible’ season 1

Debbie’s influence in the first season is crucial. Although he is not present in the final battle between Omni-Man and Mark, the moral and emotional influence plays an important role. It is Debbie’s memory that stops Omni Man at the most critical moment, preventing him from committing an irrevocable act of violence against his own child. This moment epitomizes Debbie’s emotional power over one of the show’s strongest characters.

The all-rounder is invincible

Debbie Grayson represents a new era in the portrayal of female characters in the superhero genre. His evolution from a supporting character in the comics to the central figure of the television series marks a welcome and necessary change. In ‘Invincible’, Debbie is not just a mother or a wife; She is her own hero, whose strength is measured not by superhuman abilities, but by her tenacity, emotional intelligence, and unwavering moral influence. ‘Invincible’ is set to release on Amazon Prime Video, offering viewers a unique experience in a world where the extraordinary and the mundane intertwine in a surprising way.