The 10 best shonen anime arcs of all time


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The most popular anime like Dragon Ball and Naruto are all highlighted, and all of them contain the memorable story arcs that made the series famous.

Shonen is probably the most popular genre in anime and has been the introduction to the medium for many anime fans. Action-based series have always been popular in every medium, so it’s no surprise that the action-packed thriller genre is so popular. An arc is a story in an anime that warrants many episodes and is very important. It is important to make anime popular as it engages the audience for multiple episodes and makes the anime more memorable, as opposed to a new story in each episode.

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10 Karasuno’s toughest match

Haiku!!, Karasuno vs Shiratorizawa – Season 3 Episode 1-10

After many defeats and months of practice, Hinata, Kagiyama, and the Karasuno volleyball team finally make it to the regional finals, but before them stands the undefeated Shiratorizawa. The game needed everyone to bring out their best and they did. The team was holding on, and they looked fired up. The best moment in an emotional and intense match was when a lazy and laid-back Tsukishima was booed loudly after he stopped No. 3 Asen Ushiwaka in the country. The team put everything into the game and came out stronger than ever. This is undoubtedly one of the best matches in sports anime.

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9 The Soul Reaper captains show their true power

Bleach, Battle At Karakura Town arc – Episodes 215-229


The long-awaited battle between the Squad Captains led by Grand Captain Yamamoto and the Arrancars led by Sosuke Aizen finally begins. Fans have seen the full capabilities of the hypocrite Arrancar, which many have been puzzled by. The arc made sure to keep everyone focused, even the lieutenants, and one of the best fights was between Shuhei and Finder. From the appearance of the Wizards, the betrayal of Jin, and the fight between Ichigo and Aizen, Bleach’s signature arc is one for the ages.

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8 Kira and El’s first face is gone

Death Note, L vs Kira arc – Episodes 1-10

death note

The first 10 episodes of Death Note were some of the best of the series. These 10 episodes were a visual and chilling moment for Light on his journey to become Kira, where El hunts him down and reveals Naomi to Naomi before Light kills herself. This arc had the potential to engross the audience in one of the best thriller anime of all time. The cat-and-mouse game between El and Kira was more fun than the more combat-based highlights of the series, and a departure from the general action that was popular at the time.

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7 The Cell Saga ended with a great competitive arc.

Dragon Ball Z, Cell Saga – Episodes 166-194

Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z was poised to be one of the best anime even before Cell Saga, but that arc made leaps and bounds for the series. The arc featured Earth’s greatest warriors battling Dr. Gero’s masterpiece Cell, made from the cells of the strongest warriors like Goku and Vegeta. The highlight of the arc is Gohan’s moment of rage and the defeat of the Perfect Cell. From the intense battles to the heartbreaking deaths, many fans still consider the Cell Saga to be the pinnacle of the Dragon Ball franchise.

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6 Mankind’s first great victory

Attack on Titan, Return to Shiganshina Arc – Season 3 Episode 2

Attack on Titan

After years of lost territory and being decimated by the Titans, the Scouts and humanity finally have a shot at reclaiming the Titan-infested land. With Eren now able to transform, humanity’s strongest soldier Levi by their side, and Hange’s new weapon, the Scouts face off against the Titans led by Zeke. They reclaim the land and close to the mystery behind the Titans, but lose almost all of their soldiers. The arc featured Levi taking down the Beast Titan, the difficult decision to choose between Zeke and Armin, and the suspicious revelation in Eren’s basement. This arch was very important as it confirmed the presence of humans outside the walls.

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5 An all-out war between witches and curses

Jujutsu Kaisen, Shibuya Incident Arc – Season 2 Episode 6-23

The highly anticipated anime Jujutsu Kaisen’s most popular story arc has taken over the internet with its weekly releases. The villains attack the Shibuya district by capturing a nest, and all the main characters are ready to fight even after losing their strongest assets. The arc will have some heartbreaking deaths and some beautifully animated fights, and when all is said and done, Jujutsu Kaisen will be more popular than ever.

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4 The shinobi nations have merged with an impossible enemy

Naruto Shippuden, 4th Great Ninja War Arc – Episodes 262-474

Naruto Shippuden

Naruto had some pretty devastating battles, but the amount of damage done in the 4th Ninja Battle was unparalleled. The world was in danger and all nations joined forces to defeat Madara and Akatsuki. What made the arc so fun to watch was that all the most powerful fighters got screen time and fans got to see some exciting fights. To make it even better, the strongest ninjas in history wake up and join the battle. This arc was very exciting in Naruto and became the highlight of the “Final Battle” arc.

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3 A plan to save the country

Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Day of Promise Arc – Episodes 51-64

Full metal alchemist

October 3 is the day when father wants to sacrifice a countryman for his twisted plan, but the heroes are well aware of his plan. Edward and his men ambushed Father’s men, but King Bradley worked for Father, and it seemed unfortunate that he was in control of the country’s army. Each character had their own goals: Mustang was out for revenge, Edward was looking to retrieve his brother’s body, and Hohenheim was ending a 400-year-old grudge. With multiple goals and stirring emotions intertwining, Fullmetal Alchemist delivers one of the best finales in anime.

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2 The strongest gathered for a total war

One Piece, Marineford Arc – Parts 457-491

one piece

The Marine had to kill Ace, the 2nd in command of the powerful Whitebeard gang. As Luffy breaks out of prison and rushes to save his brother, the clock is running out and Ace’s death is imminent when Whitebeard’s pirates attack the kill site. All members of the navy, including admirals and warlords, were present to take on the pirates. The arc had some amazing moments like Luffy’s desperation awakening new powers, Akainu taking down Ace, and Shanks standing up and ending the war. Marineford is an example of a war arc done right.

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1 Elite power saves humanity.

Hunter X Hunter, Chimera Ant arc – Episodes 76-136

It looked like Hunter X Hunter would never repeat the heights of the York City arc, but the Chimera Ant arc blew it out of the water. With the awakening of Chimera King Mroom, humanity seems headed for extinction. An elite group of assassins infiltrates a country ruled by Chimera ants to kill Mrum, surprisingly bypassing his strong guards. This arc had the heroes fighting against often impossible odds, but it took time for some emotional development for the characters, even the evil Meruem. With Hunter X Hunter returning soon, fans can only hope that Togashi will top it.

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