A new Hunger Games book will focus on Haymitch’s story before the Rebellion.

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Who needs Katniss when Haymitch Abernathy returns to the stage? The new entry promises action and revelations before the Great Hunger Games.

In the wider Hunger Games universe, Katniss Everdeen’s story is told in depth and detail in a way that resonates in the hearts of millions. However, Suzanne Collins’ new entry, Sunrise over the Reaper, provides a welcome respite, shifting the focus to one of her most complex and endearing characters, Haymitch Abernathy.

Back to before the rebellion

Before Katniss became a symbol of rebellion, Haymitch had already struggled to survive in the second quarter of Quill’s deadly games. Set during the 50th Hunger Games, the novel takes us back to a time when Panem was a very different place, showing how the Games have evolved and strengthened over the years.

The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 (4)

Haymitch’s story is one of traumatic survival and personal loss. Winner of the bloodiest games in Panem’s history, his victory cost him more than physical scars. Losing his family and descending into alcoholism and depression cost him his life. Sunrise on the Reaper not only immerses itself in the race, but also promises to explore the personal and political aspects of the victory.

Is Katniss’ story important to continue?

By focusing on the introductions, Collins not only expanded the world of The Hunger Games, but also introduced new perspectives and themes without compromising the narrative integrity of the original story. These books offer a more streamlined and innovative way for readers to return to the Panem universe, exploring eras only hinted at in the original trilogy.

The Hunger GamesThe Hunger Games

Despite Katniss’s undeniable legacy as a protagonist, returning to her story may seem overdue and perhaps unnecessary. The events of Mockingjay end on a hopeful note, with Katniss and Peeta safe enough to start a family. Reopening the narrative could ruin an already complete arc.

Haymitch can star in more than one book.

Considering the complexity of the characters and the richness of the story, Haymitch Abernathy could easily fill the pages of several books. From his triumphs to his struggles after the Games and his mentoring role, there is much to explore. Additionally, while Collins promises to tackle themes like propaganda, we can expect some of the story to take place off the stage, providing a broader context for the events that follow the game.

The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 (49)The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 (49)

While tyranny may rise again on Panem, navigating this cycle long after Katniss and Peeta are gone seems a more promising and less dangerous path. With Sunrise in the Fall, Collins not only preserves Katniss’ legacy, but also enriches the Hunger Games universe with new stories, ensuring the franchise remains relevant and exciting to new generations of readers and viewers.

Other characters who may have their own novel

In addition to Haymitch, characters such as Finnick O’Dair and Johanna Mason provide narratively rich stories. Finnick, a charismatic honoree from District 4, has drawn attention for his talent and tragedy, from his triumph at the age of fourteen to his key role in the rebellion. Johanna, on the other hand, shows great resilience and complicated emotional burdens through her own tragic game and the loss of loved ones. Delving into their stories can provide a new and exciting perspective on the Hunger Games universe.