Pirate Queen review

Pirate Queen review

Along with Peter Milligan, Adam Pollina, and Tamra Bonville, we accompany Lunes Ryan, the pirate queen, on her bloody adventure in this Moztros-published volume.

With the exception of Guardians of the Galaxy, we don’t have a lot of pirates compared to other genres, and it’s hard to think of many titles from the same side as pirates, even if these pirates are based on pirates. CARIBBEAN The reason for this gap is difficult to understand, especially if we consider works such as Rina Pirata, Moztros’ recent publication of Salt Sea and Cannonball…


Ballad of Monday Ryan

The story begins like so many others, with an overused but less effective cliché. Our main character is about to die (in this case by hanging from a rope) and then she tells us how she got there in a flash of life. From her motherless childhood, when her father taught her everything she needed to know about the sea, to her troubled adolescence, her feminine beauty led her into various difficulties in a brutal social order.

Her eventful existence stops turning upside down when she meets the love of her life, a pirate she shares a boat with and eventually impregnates. Unfortunately, the fate of this couple intersects with an important British naval officer who decides to take their lives. At the last minute, however, he agreed to leave as long as he could spend a night of passion with Ryan on Monday.

Unfortunately, Monday (born on Sunday) makes the mistake of disrespectfully believing the man’s words and the next morning he finds his friend’s lifeless body swinging on the end of a rope, along with him. Colleagues. Monday on the board ends up being thrown in the middle of the sea. Now he can only wait for death and think about his revenge if he can avoid it…


A modern approach to gangsters

Here we move away from the simplicity of Burt Lancaster’s classic stories and the blockbuster tone of Jack Sparrow’s adventures to immerse ourselves in (perhaps not the best expression in this case) Peter Milligan’s (originally well-known) narrative. Approach to mutants in X-Statix) tries to approach this genre in a fresh and modern way that will engage the reader, whether they are a fan of pirates or not.

The main character is very attractive and her voice infuses the story with good melody and intensity, which is essential to bring her revenge journey to a successful conclusion. The time ellipses and cliffhangers at the end of each chapter are basic tools to grab the reader and keep them from missing until the last page. And without leaving aside that wonderful painting by Adam Pollina, with a very classic line suitable for such a great comic, and a very successful coloring by Tamra Bonville.


Uninterpreted fun

Moztros offers us here an independent volume (in principle) that is not determined to have a sequel and does not try to revolutionize the medium, but rather to present something very interesting and attractive, with a closed story. time. And with that in mind, Pirate Queen is a success that can perhaps be blamed for a somewhat hasty conclusion.

Published by Moztros in hardcover, Volume 104 is in full color and page size is 17×26 cm. And the American edition includes the Pirate Queen limited series, as well as covers of all the included issues and a section with extra material at the end. It has a recommended retail price of €20.90 and goes on sale in April 2024.

Pirate Queen

Pirate Queen

To be a pirate is to live a short but happy life, a life free from the yoke of society and the system. However, for the majority, life ends with a rope around their neck and falling to their death. After a series of missions, the mysterious pirate Monday Ryan, who carried a high price on her head, was captured along with the rest of her crew and sent to the trunk by the Royal Navy. Luns managed to free herself from the ropes as she was pregnant, but her crew and husband did not.

Adrift in a small valley and abandoned to his fate at sea, Lunce vows that his son will be born in a world where he avenges his father’s death, and resolves to find and kill every last soul responsible for his death. So that the husband and child can grow up in a world free from revenge, bloodshed and violence. Peter Milligan (The X-Men) and Adam Pollina (X-Force) embark on a bloody tale of love, loss, freedom, death and revenge.

Authors: Peter Milligan, Adam Pollina and Tamra Bonville