Magic: The Gathering – Modern Horizons introduces 3 familiar mechanics to Commander

Magic: The Gathering - Modern Horizons presenta 3 mecánicas familiares a Commander

When Modern Horizons 3 hits shelves worldwide on June 14, 2024, The Gathering Modern format is getting a slew of new cards. This set also comes with four Magic: The Gathering decks and their respective collector’s editions. And Assassin’s Creed isn’t coming out, we’re leaving the first trailer here.

The Collector’s Edition Deck is available in English only.

At this point, every modern 3-Horizon Command yacht features all of these:

1 ready-to-play 100-card deck consisting of: 1 traditional foil Major Commander 1 traditional foil featured Commander 13 cards New to Magic 1 unique embossed foil Commander (replica of the original Commander card with foil embossed on thick card stock. edge and inside the illustration; (not legal in authorized commander play) 10 double-sided non-foil tokens 1 deck box 1 wheel of life 1 strategy sheet

Horizontes DE MODERN 3 – Cemetery

No Peace for the Restless: Fill your graveyard, lead the fallen counterattack, and watch your opponents flee from this relentless black-red-green boat. Join Disa, the Ice Age explorer of Dominaria, and crush your opponents in epic multiplayer battles with a ready-to-play out-of-the-box black-red-green deck.

Disa, the restless is the commander of this graveyard-focused ship. This human explorer is a mythical creature. Whenever a Lurgoyf permanent card moves to your graveyard from anywhere off the battlefield, put it onto the battlefield.

His second ability creates a Tarmogoyph token when one or more creatures you control deal damage to a player.

Two abilities that deal direct damage to players with deck-to-grave combos, supported by Coram the Gravedigger.

Coram the Gravedigger is a legendary human warrior who takes to the battlefield with colorless mana, swamp, mountain, and jungle, with potential to be great. Gets +X/+0, X is the strongest of all the creature cards in the graveyard.

In addition, every time Koram attacks each player, he discards a card, increasing his strength.

During each of your turns, you can play a land and cast an enchantment from cards in your graveyard that move from the library this turn. That is, attack, send cards to the opponent’s graveyard and play. All in one.

The horror is back – ELDRAZI INCURSION

Bow down to Ulalek and unleash the unimaginably hungry Eldrazi.

Wreak havoc on any plane: Boost your mana with small Eldrazi Spawns and Kindred to unleash giant monsters and eat everything in your path.

Ulalek, Fused Atrocity is the commander of this deck, the most coveted, the most expensive and sold everywhere. An Eldrazi deck with colorless Eldrazi that costs five colors or colorless mana. Unstoppable.

His ability means that every time you cast an Eldrazi spell (there are quite a few in the deck), you can pay two colorless mana. If you do, copy all spells you control, then copy all activated and triggered abilities you control. You can select new targets for the copies. Spirit of the Eldrazi in one card. A barbaric act.

As if that wasn’t enough, another story card depends on the five colors of mana as well, but its ability makes it perfect for Eldrazi, Kindred, and Spawn armies.

This is Azlasque, the dreaded scourge. Whenever an Azlask, Rampant Fragelo, or other creature you control dies, you gain an experience counter. By paying one mana of each color (and there are many ways to get them in that deck), creatures you control get +X/+X until end of turn, where X is the number of experience counters you have. Arm and Spawn You control invulnerable and destroy 1 abilities until end of turn.

These two Eldrazi combined make the battlefield a place where the Eldrazi dominate the battle.

Mechanics of energy in the service of the commander – the creative force

Join environment architect and creator Satya to revolutionize the game and make the board ready to play out of the box on a blue-red-white deck.

Become a Master of Destruction: Eliminate current limitations and generate energy counters for powerful gains with this high-voltage blue-red-white deck.

Satya is the protagonist of this deck, along with his trusty Dwarf artifact Kaize.

Join environment architect and creator Satya to revolutionize the game and make the board ready to play out of the box on a blue-red-white deck. Satya, the genius of the ethereal flow, is a human craftsman with menace and haste, and on turn 4 he begins to show all his knowledge.

When Satya, Genius of Ethereal Flow attacks, it creates a tap and attack token that is a copy of up to one other non-target creature you control. In addition, you get two power meters. At the start of your next end phase, sacrifice that token unless you pay an amount of energy equal to its mana value. That is, if you have energy, your battlefield will be filled with powerful copies of the creatures you already control.

To support this army is Kaze, the famous mechanist. Your task is simple: expand your troops with your skills. It has 1 craft, which means you can put a +1/+1 counter on it or create a 1/1 server. All other non-token creatures you control have the ability to do 1, all of which can create those useful minions.

But the real power is for 2 mana and turn, add or multiply, that is, you can add power counters, servos or counters to the creature. Two geniuses together.

In Magic: The Gathering, Mana is your greatest power – a tricky land

Join Omo, Queen of Vesuva, and use the lands you play to deadly advantage with a ready-to-play blue-green deck out of the box.

Plant Seeds of Destruction: Accelerate your mana with lands, then go on the offensive with your most powerful monsters in this deadly blue-green deck.

Vesuva’s queen, Omo, with her powers of double mind, returns with the creatures using the land. It is a noble metamorph creature, and this is a great advantage.

Whenever Queen Omo of Vesuva enters the battlefield or attacks, put a counter on each of up to one target land and up to one target creature. It means that creatures and land will have counters for everything. What is general? Well, all kinds of land and all kinds of creatures.

Every land with an all counter on it is an all land in addition to other types. The same thing happens to all kinds of creatures. This opens up various possibilities for creating combinations between different types of organisms.

To get the most out of these creatures and lands, the deck contains a copy of Elder of Moag’s Yoti. The old elemental is fundamental to having earth creatures on the battlefield. Create a 1/1 Woodland Dryad land creature token whenever you discard your commander from the command zone in this game when Moag Elder Jyothi enters the battlefield. So Omo needs to go in and attack as much as he can to use this ability widely.

Yoti has one more ability so that Omo can attack with the support of tree people and dry spells. At the start of each battle, land creatures you control get +X/+X until end of turn, where X is the Yoti’s power. Strengthening Jyoti is important in this deck.