Will Insomniac’s Wolverine live in the Spider-Man video game universe?

 Will Insomniac's Wolverine live in the Spider-Man video game universe?  |  His house

Brian Intihar Explains Whether Wolverine Video Game Will Be Set In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Universe

Insomniac has confirmed that Marvel’s Wolverine will take place in the same universe as the Spider-Man games.

Insomniac’s Spider-Man world expands.

In an interview on the Kinda Funny Games podcast, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 creative director Brian Intihar was asked if the Wolverine and Spider-Man video games will take place in the same universe. Intihar replies yes and says, “They’re all 1048,” referring to Earth-1048. Remember that Marvel assigned Insonic Spider-Man a number to identify which Earth he was on.

Intihar commented on the reason for no reference to Wolverine in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: “It was a decision not to do that. Try to imagine: I’m trying to get Spider-Man off the ground while there’s another Marvel thing I’m trying to accomplish. I think for us, it’s like, ‘Let’s cook that team.’ Cook food. Let them play the game they want. “Who knows what the future holds for them, but for now let’s let him do his thing, and the game will be great.”

After several Marvel games set in their own universe, it’s good to know that Insomniac wants to maintain continuity in the world they’ve created.