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Ghostrunner 2 Review

Ghostrunner 2 Review

We’ve played Ghostrunner 2 in depth, and thanks to 505 games, we bring you our insight into the second installment of this great game.

Ghostrunner 2: Immersive and bloody parkour

As many of you know, Ghostrunner 2 is a first-person action game that mixes cyberpunk with parkour. This second installment salvages all that was good from the first in a much wider, more complex and more immersive world. That said, everything good about the first episode improves.

We have the usual battles with “putties” and bosses, but some very interesting options have been added, for example, it can be used as a motorcycle in battle and as a transport to cross some complex levels. . In addition, access to a variety of new skills and weapons, the ability to interact with NPCs from the Climbers class, a level design that offers more versatile and different ways to play than ever before, all accompanied by a good and effective soundtrack. On Synthwave with new music from Daniel Deluxe, We are Magonia, Gost, Dan Terminus and Arek Reikowski.

According to the game itself: “With interactive environments, neutral elements that can help you on your journey, and other improvements, Ghostrunner 2 promises to be an authentic cyberpunk experience.” And we agree very much.

Entering Dharma City

The story of Ghostrunner 2 begins after the events of the first game, which we remember in the video and help us get into the story. Now, many of the levels are preceded by a visit to the hub where you can chat with your rebels, learn their stories and learn more about Dharma City, a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk dystopia.

We meet new characters like Zoe, or Saul the doctor or Kira the scientist and others. Ghostrunner World 2.

Ghostrunner 2

In this game we are in a cyberpunk world, and the setting is great: the technology around us, neon and bright light, glowing dark, gray situations corrupted by society, is a 10.

Both the enemies and the sounds of the room help a lot to immerse yourself in the world. Also, all of this is in stark contrast to the wilderness of the outside world, which we reach about halfway through the game.

Main features

Quick action

Regardless of the difficulty, setting or story, the heart and soul of Ghostrunner 2 is its fast, efficient combat and platforming. You will become an unstoppable killing machine.

Cyberpunk at the heart of the game

Ghostrunner 2’s setting, tone, story, characters, and music continue a long pop culture tradition of celebrating cyberpunk: powerful heroes, monolithic villains, brutal architecture, neon lights, dark streets, themes of haunting, despair, and the struggle to figure out what’s going on. Us man, it’s all set to a custom-made synth soundtrack.

Save humanity!

Ghostrunner 2 has a stronger narrative than its predecessor. The players are entrusted with a good cause: saving humanity, Jack’s “brothers”, the exiled Ghostrunners, seek to destroy the last remnants of humanity. In this way, the story is used to emotionally engage new players, while players who already know the saga have an enjoyable continuation of the Ghostrunner plot.

game play

The gameplay is basically the same as the first part: quick shots and moves that lead to quick death (your enemies or yours). The difficulty in this game is not too high, at least for a player who is used to platform games or fast reaction games such as Portal or Overwatch (although Ghostrunner 2 is not a shooter).

In itself, the mechanics of this game are very unique, making Ghostrunner a truly original saga. Running on the walls, sliding on the rails, swinging on the poles … is not something new for many, but in this game it looks fresh and very well adjusted and implemented.

While this is interesting, I have to say that sometimes it becomes somewhat repetitive to alternate between running up a tower, jumping, entering “bullet time” (which is like a slow motion time to hit the player. Perform an action), jump into an enemy, or climb out, and Repeat.

We’ve also got great freedom of movement: you can see the paths the developers have agreed upon or designed for the player. But we can enjoy the freedom that the aforementioned mechanics give you: “bullet time”, running on walls and others will help you a lot to make your own way on the stage.

Key game mechanics

One Hit, One Kill: Players and most enemies only have one point. It is an integral part of the game’s combat and power fantasy rings. Fast restarts and frequent checkpoints prevent players from feeling frustrated or penalized. Extraordinary Mobility: Mobility is the cornerstone of Ghostrunner 2’s forward movement philosophy. Wall running, sliding, running, roof climbing, grappling, etc. It allows players to engage in combat, plan their attacks and react precisely. Special abilities: Ghostrunner 2 brings favorite abilities from the previous episode, allows us to gain advantage in battle and allows us to participate in the battle in unique ways, including more new weapons, new blocking and a perfect parrying system. Motorcycle Combat – Vehicle combat has been added to the Ghostrunner 2 combat formula, adding a new look and rhythm element to the game while maintaining the franchise’s core combat philosophy.

As for the enemies, we find the least difference: there are only 4 large units (not counting the bosses).

The first is that the common enemies with medium speed go to “Melee” or “Melee”. The 2nd category will be those carrying ranged weapons. Here we can see everything from slow firing and 1 shot upwards at a time, to one that fires plasma for a while, to one with a machine gun. The 3rd group consists of opponents who use hologram-type weapons. Here we see some with very long whips or some robots launching a one-way sling at infinite distances. And in the last category I put the enemies that allow a complete ban. These are special enemies that launch themselves with a jump or lunge. This group is characterized by giving the player a chance to block before hitting him and perform a special animation to finish them off.


The graphic quality, textures in fabrics, skins, surfaces and reflections, is the best we can find on the market right now.

Some quality is lost in expressions and blood (in “blood” mode), but the rest of the graphics and textures are at a high level for this generation of games.


In this game, there are many types of situations. Basically there are only 2 types-

Focused on parkour: we can easily see how the lack of solid ground can make a difference in these situations. Just the number of predictions and breaks is infinite. These conditions tend to make heavy use of the hook, walls and sliders. Although there are differences between the positions of the platforms. Even with the addition of enemies, the focus is on the character’s mobility and agility. Combat Focus: These are pretty easy. They have platforms, of course, but the problem of movement is for beginners, it is usually a limited space, an empty hole or something like that, where enemies appear, and sometimes in groups.

Number of items

Obviously, Ghostrunner 2 has expanded the number of items we can find in the game. We can find two types:

Scattered around the map: Scattered around the map are various items from collectors in each level that help us better understand the story, typically skins to voice memos. Although there are quite a few per level (or map), they are not all well accessible and are usually visible by eye. Hidden: Without giving away spoilers, I can tell you that there are a lot of things that we can only find in the minimap that the game gives us, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to find many of the items. from different levels.

Availability and formats

Ghostrunner 2, with 505 games and one more level, is now available worldwide for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Steam, Epic and GOG.

We can get it in the following formats: · Base Game Edition (€39.99, digital and physical) – traditional katana pack with two sword skins and two hand skins.

Ghostrunner 2Ghostrunner 2

Deluxe Edition (€49.99 Digital) – Includes everything from the base game edition, four hand skins, four additional sword skins and a hand hologram customized with your username.

· Brutal Edition (€ 69.99, digital) – everything from the deluxe edition, with the season pass (worth € 19.99, a new game mode and four item packs, animated skins (swords/hands) and a motorcycle skin.


In conclusion, Ghostrunner 2 is a good futuristic/cyberpunk action platformer, and recommended for intermediate skill players.