Trunks and Gohan arrive as the legendary duo from the original series in the Dragon Ball Super Card Game.

dragon ball trunks y gohan

The new Zenkai series, Dragon Ball Super Card Game, dives into the history of the future trunks and brings us many of the amazing moments they brought to cards.

Have you ever wondered what ideal cooperation looks like in the world of board games? The answer comes with Bandai’s announcement of the 23rd Dragon Ball Super Card Game expansion, titled Zenkai Series – Perfect Combination. This new gem for fans offers an explosive mix of popular characters and a story that captures the essence of the Dragon Ball saga.

The main expansion: Future Trunks Saga

At the heart of the Zenkai Series – a perfect combination, we find the Saga of the Future Trunks, one of the most exciting and fascinating in the series. Not only does this expansion honor the saga, it also introduces the heroic Red Head, who is none other than Kid Gohan and Trunks’ dreadlocks. Imagine how much fun it will be when you flip the card and see Super Saiyan Son Gohan and Trunks, ready to face any challenge.

Zenkai Series – The Perfect Combination expansion is a milestone in the series, which is the last Zenkai block before it changes to Zenkai Series EX. Most excitingly, it introduces a fifth God Rare to the collection, joining legends like Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta and Super Saiyan Gogeta. This element increases the sense of alienation and anticipation among collectors.

Villains and heroes: the diversity of the collection

Heroes aren’t the only ones who shine in this expansion. The Red Sector highlights villains who are key characters in the Android saga, with a special focus on Android 17 and Android 18. They are joined by other Saga characters like Android 20 and Android 16, offering a rich variety and gameplay styles.

Trunks, without a doubt, is the central feature of this expansion. His story and evolution have captured the imagination of fans in the Dragon Ball universe for years. Seeing him paired with Gohan is not only a tribute to his legacy, but also an invitation to explore new tactics and strategies in the game.

trunks y gohan

Dragon Ball Super Card Game: A Card Odyssey

The universe of “Dragon Ball Super” crosses the screens in an amazing collectible card game that has captivated fans of all ages. Since its release, “Dragon Ball Super Card Game” has established itself as a phenomenon in the world of board games, combining strategy, collecting, and offering an immersive experience in the most famous animated magic.

Among the most notable expansions, we find some that have marked a before and after in the game’s gameplay and narrative. One of them is the “Universe Survival Saga” expansion, in which players take to relive the thrilling battle of the Force with cards representing powerful warriors such as Jiren, Ultra Instinct Goku, and members of Universe 7.

Dragon Ball Fusion Android 17 1

Another popular expansion is “Spirits of the Cross”, the mechanics of the game are enriched by the concept of “increasing spirits”. This innovation allows players to enhance their cards in unique ways, introducing a new layer of strategy. In addition, “Spirits of the Cross” will bring back popular characters such as Gogeta and characters from “Dragon Ball GT”, adding diversity and nostalgia to the ship.

Finally, the chapter of “Zenkai” series is especially with collections like “Zenkai Series – Perfect Combination”. This series introduces “God Rare” level cards, raising the level of collectability and competition. By focusing on both classic and new sagas, the “Zenkai” series has managed to keep the game fresh, offering fans a series of amazing surprises and challenges.