The Transformers and GI Joe collide in an epic battle.

G.I. Joe

Duke, the future leader of G-Jo, faces off against Starscream in an epic battle in the Transformers universe.

In the comic cosmos, collisions between worlds are as dramatic as they are unpredictable. On this occasion, fate calls for Brave Duke, G Joe’s iconic figure, to enter the chaotic and fast-paced Energon universe, to face none other than Star Scream. This adventure, narrated in Transformers #2, not only redefines Duke’s direction, but also opens the door to a new chapter full of mysteries and conflicts.

A planned meeting in the Energon Universe

Duke’s leap into the Energon universe is a matter of heroism and survival. In ‘Transformers #2’, our hero narrowly survives a deadly encounter with Starscream, an episode that leaves scars and a clear mission: unravel the mysteries of these transforming robots. The question hanging in the air is obvious: Can Duke trust the Transformers?

The work of Daniel Warren Johnson, Mike Spicer and Rus Wooten plunges us into a world where the tricksters are scarier than ever. Destruction and chaos will reign as you destroy the power plant and destroy the fighter jet. This is the backdrop against which the cruel Duke must fight to survive and find his way in this terrifying new world.

Duke: From soldier to hero

Duke’s conflict with Star Cream is more than a physical fight; It’s the litmus test that transforms our protagonist from simple soldier to hero with purpose. Duke manages to escape armed only with his cunning and winged jetpack, but the encounter leaves an indelible mark on his soul. This tense moment sets the stage for ‘Duke #1’, which will continue the post-‘Transformers #2’ story, searching for answers and perhaps redemption.

The release of ‘Duke #1’, scheduled for December 27th, promises to be a major milestone in the GI Joe and Transformers Saga. Fans are on the edge of their seats waiting to see how Duke will be tested by trusting the Autobots, and Optimus Prime in particular, after his traumatic encounter. Can these iconic characters find common ground?

Duke Energon Universe, GI Joe Transformers crossover, Skybound Entertainment Comics, Starscream Duke showdown, Transformers #2

War of the Planets

From humble beginnings as a sergeant in the ranks of GI Joe, Duke has emerged as a born leader in the face of challenges beyond the earthly battlefield. Your foray into the Energon Universe is not only a clash of worlds, but also a personal and evolutionary challenge. In ‘Transformers #2’, Duke is forced to quickly adapt to an environment where the boundaries between technology and organic life have blurred. This character evolution reflects a dynamic and depth rarely seen in action comics, where the main characters stay within their established roles.

What sets Duke apart from other comic book heroes is his ability to face the unknown. While other characters may have superhuman powers or high-tech gadgets, Duke relies on his cunning, leadership, and human courage. This confrontation with Starscream not only tests him physically, but also his morals and skills, aspects that elevate him from a simple action character to a full and complex hero.

Duke Energon Universe, GI Joe Transformers crossover, Skybound Entertainment Comics, Starscream Duke showdown, Transformers #2

The Energon Universe opens a new chapter in the story of Duke and the Transformers, one of conflict, survival and the search for truth. With strong storytelling and unprecedented action, ‘Transformers #2’ and the upcoming ‘Duke #1’ are must-reads for fans and new to the world of Joe and the Transformers. Available now and December 27, respectively, from Skybound Entertainment.