Tomb Raider is coming to Netflix in a new animated adventure ahead of the Prime Video version

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Discover the new anime series Tomb Raider, with Hayley Atwell as the voice of the legendary heroine.

Netflix has surprised pop culture fans with the release of an exciting teaser for its new anime series, “Tomb Raider: The Legend of Lara Croft.” This brief preview offers a fascinating journey through the world of one of the most popular adventures in the video game universe. Expectations are high, and fans of the saga are eagerly waiting to see if this new installment lives up to Lara Croft’s legacy.

In this bold bet from Legendary Television and Crystal Dynamics, actress Hayley Atwell, known for her roles in “Captain America: The First Avenger” and “Mission: Impossible – Death Sentence Part 1,” lends her voice to the character of Lara Croft. With this choice, Netflix is ​​proving not only talent, but its deep connection with audiences who are fans of action and adventure stories.

The series continues after three episodes of the video game

The animated series is set after the events of the Tomb Raider reboot trilogy, one of the most popular comebacks in the world of video games. Viewers will accompany Lara Croft on her adventures, exploring new territories and facing challenges that promise to be just as exciting as their digital predecessors. Twenty-five years after her first appearance in video games, Lara Croft continues to expand her horizons, this time in anime format.

The series has a great creative team in writing and executive production, led by Tasha Huo. Along with her, Dimitri M. Johnson, Stefan Bugage, Howard Bliss and Jacob Robinson bring their vision and experience to bring this new Lara Croft adventure to life. This team promises to deliver a narrative that will capture both long-time fans and a new generation of viewers.

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The legend continues: What to expect from this new series?

With the release of this teaser, Netflix will not only rekindle the enthusiasm among Lara Croft fans, but also raise questions about how this new adventure will develop. Will it be faithful to the content of video games? How will the story be adjusted to capture the essence of the anime? The answers to these questions will be released as we get closer to the release date, keeping fans in a constant state of anticipation and excitement.

This series represents a unique fusion between the world of anime and the universe of video games. The challenge of adapting a video game story into anime format is great, but with a strong creative team and passionate fan base, expectations are high. This hybrid novel promises to provide visual and narrative, expanding the reach of the mythical character in popular culture.

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A hero who has already crossed generations

Lara is not just a video game character, but a cultural icon that spans generations. This series chronicles his enduring influence on popular culture, offering a new perspective on his legacy. With each adaptation, Lara Croft continues to inspire new audiences, staying relevant in an ever-changing world. Also, it’s worth noting that Prime Video is working on another Croft sequel, but a real picture, and it’s likely to arrive in a couple of years.

The arrival of “Tomb Raider: The Legend of Lara Croft” to the streaming platform marks a new chapter in the story of the intrepid adventurer. Combining nostalgia and innovation, this series has the potential to win over both loyal video game fans and anime fans alike. We’ll just have to wait and see if this new adaptation can capture the essence of what made the character a cultural icon over the years.