One Piece Filler List: You can skip each part.

Goku in Dragon Ball, Luffy in One Piece, Naruto and Ichigo in Bleach


Compared to popular anime like Naruto and Bleach, One Piece has surprisingly low filler episodes, with only 9% of episodes being filler. Some of the filler episodes in One Piece are worth watching as they add to the legitimate manga material, while others are completely contrived and worthless. One standout filler arc in One Piece is the G-8 arc (episodes 196-208), which provides comical moments and showcases the individual talents of the Straw Hat crew while telling a compelling story.

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All the filler episodes in one piece are here and fans of the story arcs can travel safely without missing anything important. Adapting Eiichiro Oda’s long-running manga series, One Piece takes place in a world ruled by pirates, and Monkey D. When it comes to weekly anime series, however, filler episodes are an unfortunate fact of life. Described as something not found in the original manga, filler episodes are often simplistic and inconsequential stories written by the animation company to avoid connecting with the manga.

Compared to the likes of Naruto, Bleach, and Dragon Ball Z, the One Piece anime is surprisingly light on filler. Despite clocking in at over 1,000 episodes, the TV show rarely ventures into non-canon territory, and the One Piece filler isn’t as bad as what fans have seen in other anime series. No Luffy and Zoro learning to drive here.

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Plenty of One Piece episodes embellish legitimate manga material with filler scenes – an extended fight scene, some extra dialogue there – and these are definitely worth watching, but others are completely contrived and worthless.

Each part of the filling is one piece

room #

Title of episode/arc

54 – 60

Island of Worship Arch

98 – 99

Enter Desert Pirates! Men who live in freedom!, false strength! Camus, a rebel soldier at heart!


Destruction and lost paths! Vivi, her friends and her country form!

131 – 135

Post-Alabasta Arch

136 – 138

Goat Island Arch

139 – 143

Ruluca Island Arch

196 – 206

G-8 Arch

220 – 225

Ocean Dream Arc

279 – 283

Mid-Enies Lobby Flash Mini Arc

291 – 292

Boss Luffy returns! Is it a dream or reality? Lottery Rukus!, a giant rice cake running race at the castle! The Red Nose Conspiracy!


Is Chief Luffy the culprit? Track down the great missing cherry tree!

317 – 319

Medium post-Enies lobby side stories

326 – 336

Ice Hunter Arch

382 – 384

Spa Island Arch

406 – 407

A unique historical arc

426 – 429

Little East Blue Arch

457 – 458

A special rear view before Marineford


The strongest tag-team! Luffy and Toriko’s fierce fight!


A group has been created! Place the chopper

575 – 578

Z’s Ambition Arc


History’s strongest collaboration with sea gluten

626 – 628

Caesar’s recovery arch

747 – 750

Silver Mine Arch

780 – 782

Sea Rookie Arch

895 – 896

Cider Guild Arch


20th Anniversary Special! The dawn of love

1029 – 1030

One Piece Movie Red Tie-in Mini Arc

One piece filler parts that are a secret treasure

While the latter part of One Piece involved a lot of large-scale situations, twisted class wars, and hideous villains, the series didn’t start off with the stakes high. A common complaint about the later One Piece content is that viewers don’t get much time to see the Straw Hats interact with each other, which they usually did in episodes that filled the first half of the series. A lot of filler episodes are filled with light-hearted scenes where the strong canon stories don’t always have the time to show off their characters’ personalities. However, after Skypiea a particular filler arc exceeded all expectations and even some of the One Piece arcs.

Episodes 196 – 208 feature an entirely missing arc from Eiichiro Oda’s manga, where the Straw Hat lands the heavily damaged Going Merry in the middle of an invincible G-8 naval base. The ship is captured, and many of the Straw Hats must go undercover as marines to find a way to escape. The filler arc is filled with moments for each teammate to shine, including Sanji’s infectious cooking, Robin’s infiltration skills, Usopp’s effective lying, and Luffy’s lack of intelligence. Telling a cat and mouse story and convincingly creating the series’ laughs. As the straw hat completely avoids grip. Even One Piece manga purists will find a lot to like in the G-8 filler arc.

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How the filler content of a piece compares to other shonen anime

Goku in Dragon Ball, Luffy in One Piece, Naruto and Ichigo in Bleach

At the time of writing, a piece has 94 filler units, less than 9% of all units. That 9% is pretty impressive compared to many other huge animes produced in the era. The Naruto anime is about 40% done and Bleach is about 45% done. Although One Piece’s 9% filler is considered low even compared to Dragon Ball’s 13% filler, it doesn’t hold a candle to many modern glossy anime, as My Hero Academia only has 3%, while more recent hits like Demon Slayer and Jujutsu Kaizen have no filler at all.

However, for an anime that has been running weekly for over two decades, only devoting 9% of its time to anime original stories is an impressive feat. Considering One Piece’s manga is one of the longest-running comics by a single creator, it’s not surprising that anime adaptations often fall into gaps where they don’t have enough material to adapt. This ultimately comes down to the series’ animation studio, Toei, being smart about what scenes from the manga’s collateral expansion. One Piece’s filler list is truly a testament to the series’ impressive length and breadth.

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