Thunderbolts: Marvel would have found Steven Yeun’s replacement as Sentry.

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Thunderbolts from Top Gun: Maverick will have an actor to bring the Sentry to life

Actor Lewis Pullman, who we saw in Top Gun: Maverick, will be the best choice to become the Sentry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after Steven Yeun’s departure from Thunderbolt.

A new actor for Sentry

The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Pullman is currently the favorite to play the Sentry in Marvel Studios’ Thunderbird movie. As an interesting fact, the report was first shared by insider Daniel Richman and the Reddit group dedicated to DCU hints.

Yeun left Thunderbolts due to programming issues, or so the story goes. Despite his departure, the actor is open to joining the MCU in a different character in the future.

It won’t be long before filming begins on the movie, so it makes sense that Marvel Studios would be the clear favorite to be the Sentry of the Universe.

The release date of the movie is July 25, 2025.