Home Comics Skybound’s Energon Universe breaks new ground in 2024

Skybound’s Energon Universe breaks new ground in 2024

Skybound’s Energon Universe breaks new ground in 2024

After opening in 2024, the Energon universe will build on 2023 with Skybound, Void Rivals and Transformers rebooting other characters such as GI Joe -Duke- or Cobra -Cobra Commander-.

After discovering that Moztros will be the publisher of the new universe designed for Hasbro characters in Spain, it’s worth noting that Skyboard and Image Comics have released a new trailer for the development of the Energon universe with the Hasbro company itself. It takes place in the stories of Void Rivals, Transformers, Duke and Cobra Commander.

In this trailer, dark forces rise across the galaxy, where new heroes face their destiny, and Shockwave tries to create his own. The tricksters have chosen their strategy, with obvious results… no one is safe. The Autobots, led by Optimus Prime, chose to fight for Earth.

Skybound Universo Energon 2024 Transformers 5

When people face new threats from Cybertron, they do not stand still, instead their own heroes – GI Joe – are fighting for the planet, but with them, their most dangerous opponent – Cobra – has also risen. Anyway, the real secret of this war is more than meets the eye – meets the eye.

Reimagining what was described in other articles until its publication in Spanish by Moztros, the Energon universe officially began in 2023 with Jetfire – a Transformers character – in Void Rivals, created by the indomitable Robert Kirkman, Lorenzo de Felici and Mathias Lopes author; Additionally, Skyborn has already announced that it will involve Transformers and GI Joe in the title.

Daniel Warren Johnson was the writer chosen to create the new Transformers series with colorist Mike Spicer. Since then, the Energon universe has expanded into limited series such as Duke’s World of G Joe, with a creative team consisting of Joshua Williamson, Tom Reilly and Jordy Bellaire. and Cobra Commander, with Joshua Williamson returning to the script, along with artists Andrea Milana and Annalisa Leoni, who were featured in Anthem of Oblivion.

Although GI Joe continues with issue #301 under the direction of Larry Hama, this editorial line is not part of the Energon universe, but instead continues the military stories published by Marvel and IDW. There’s no reboot of the collection here, meaning Joss’s adventures won’t intersect in Skybound with the others in their regular collection.

Daniel Warren Johnson, GI Joe, Image Comics, Jorge Corona, Transformers, Void RivalsDaniel Warren Johnson, GI Joe, Image Comics, Jorge Corona, Transformers, Void Rivals

Conversely, Duke and Cobra Commander will be GI Joe and Cobra’s introduction to the Energon universe. Both sets are limited editions of five issues, requiring no prior knowledge of these Hasbro characters. Of course, Duke is closely related to the Transformers franchise, as he appears in the said collection #3.

Returning to the Transformers series, as the first story arc ends with US issue 6, in a dramatic way according to Daniel Warren Johnson, the second arc begins in the seventh issue – April 2024 – when George Corona is published. They will be joining the series’ creative team, which will be titled, “Would you like to work with Daniel Warren Johnson?” And, if that’s not a big ‘yes’, they added… a sequel to Transformers.

Universo Energon Skybound Transformers 7Universo Energon Skybound Transformers 7

According to Transformers screenwriter Daniel Warren Johnson himself, having George Corona is unusual, because the author is one of the few who can give an organic quality to things that are intrinsically mechanical. Additionally, like Johnson, Corona shares a passion for the Autobots and Decepticons, although he would like to talk more about his involvement, and would not reveal more about the project at Skybound.