Home Cinema The Incredibles: The post-credits scene is key to UCM’s future.

The Incredibles: The post-credits scene is key to UCM’s future.

The Incredibles: The post-credits scene is key to UCM’s future.

The end of Marvels is very important to the Multiverse Saga.

Marvel star Monica Rambeau finds herself trying to close the gap between space and time caused by the film’s villainous Dar-Ben. For the heroine, she will enlist the help of Kamala Khan and Carol Danvers to achieve this. Unfortunately, Monica does this from the other side of the rift, so she gets trapped in another reality before Captain Marvel can defend her.

Marvels post-credits scene.

The scene that comes after the first credits begins with the reality of Monica’s arrest. The first thing our hero sees is Marian, who was her mother in the main world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, this is not his Maria.

The biggest surprise in the show is the appearance of the mutant beast played by Kelsey Grammer, the same actor who gave life in the old X-Men universe. The Beast has been examining Monica in the lab, and tells her that she is in reality opposite her. The beast also claims that Monica, known as Binary in this universe, saved her after closing the rift.

Before leaving, the mutant comments that he will inform Charles Xavier about the situation. A door to the room appears, confirming that this scene takes place according to X-Men. Also, Binary takes off the blanket to reveal his clothes, and Monica finally realizes she’s in trouble.

What is Marvels post-credits scene?

The show doesn’t leave much in the way of a clear conclusion, but it’s still very important to the future of the MCU. The aesthetic of the location is very reminiscent of the original X-Men movies, and if we add that Kelsey Grammer’s Beast makes an appearance, there’s a good chance this alternate Earth is from Fox’s X-Men universe.

On the other hand, Monica’s arrival could be a big problem for that universe, as we saw in Doctor Strange 2 how visitors from other worlds invade. So, the reality of the variants of Marvel characters.

The Marvels is currently in theaters.

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