The best video games of 2024. What awaits us in the second half of the year?

Videojuegos de 2024

In the year The best video games for all tastes await us in 2024. Discover some of the most interesting ones in this small selection!

Undoubtedly, Helldivers 2 looks like the best candidate for a GOTY in the 2024 video game category – although the requirement for a PSN account to play caused controversy, and Sony backed off after a backlash from players, it’s still there. Many other great games in development that will be released in the next few months of the year.

Below we have compiled a small selection of the 5 best titles to hit the market in these months. Strategy, RPG, Adventures, Farming… Yes, entertainment is guaranteed with these games.

Lords of the Manor

One of the most anticipated village-building games in recent years has been released, and it’s enjoying extraordinary success on Steam. Developed by Greg Steichen in the Unreal 4 engine, the game has amassed over 3 million wishlist additions, and has sold over a million copies since its launch in late April. The result? ‘Very positive’ reviews, and an extraordinary journey ahead.

In the clean style of old Banished, Manor Lords puts us in front of a medieval village. We have to be responsible for building the village, providing the villagers with food and basic materials, managing social tensions that may arise and of course preparing our defenses against possible invasions.

The official date. Now I can get it. Builder. Slavic magic. Distributor. Hat horse. Forums. pc.

Hollow Knight: Silksong

The developers of the popular Hollow Knight are ready for the second installment of this popular indie adventure and platform game that promises to be the same success. With a gothic aesthetic that seems straight out of a Tim Burton movie, this game delves into the Hollow Knight’s story and offers graphical upgrades, without abandoning the indie aesthetic that was the foundation of the first installment’s success.

The official date. Q2 2024. Developer. TeamCherry distributor. TeamCherry forums. PC, PS5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch.

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Loco motive

Designed in a style reminiscent of the best LucasArts games and Monkey Island, Loco Inspire is presented as a classic graphic adventure with a story that takes place on a train in the pure style of Agatha’s novel. In this game we have to solve the mystery of Reus Express, we meet some very special characters, and we can enjoy a very interesting story for many hours.

The official date. Q2 2024. Developer. Strong games. Distributor. Chucklefish Forums. PC, PS5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch.

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Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn

The graphic quality of the new Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn is simply perfect for immersing yourself in an action-packed adventure thanks to the Unreal 4 engine. This third-person RPG gives us the chance to play as Nor Vanek to save humanity from extinction. In the process we have to fight the ancient gods with a whole series of melee and fire weapons with some steampunk charm.

The official date. Q3 2024. Builder. A44 games. Distributor. Kepler Interactive. Forums. PC, PS5, Xbox.

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The famous Stardew Valley definitely comes to mind when we look at the new Pixelshire, a game built on similar lines. Following Stardew Valley successors like Littlewood, Pixelshire has us running a farm in a small village where we not only grow vegetables and look after our animals, but also make and become new friends. Able to navigate the environment.

The official date. Q3 2024. Builder. Kappa Bits. Distributor. Merge games. Forums. pc.

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Remember to use adequate cyber security to play video games in 2024

When making our online video game purchases, we must have a VPN active, which is an ideal tool for encrypting your connection. This keeps our payment data secure to prevent possible man-in-the-middle attacks, especially when connecting to untrusted Wi-Fi networks.

For our own safety and the protection of the industry, we must refrain from downloading games from pirate platforms. All the video games that we see in this article are made by independent developers, so piracy can threaten the continuity of the game and the development of future titles.