Adria Arjona joins the cast of Prime Video Criminal as Greta Watson.


The comedy, created by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, began to take shape in the form of the lead actress’ criminal conviction.

The news excited fans of the comics and TV series: Adria Arjona, known for her roles in Morbius and Andor, has been cast to play Greta Watson in the upcoming Prime Video adaptation of Crime. Based on the acclaimed comic by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, the series promises to be one of the most anticipated of the year. Fans are especially looking forward to seeing how this iconic character adapts to the screen, hoping for a performance that matches the depth and complexity of the original comic book narrative.

A promising serial star actor

In January, it was announced that a series based on the award-winning comic criminal was in development for Amazon Prime Video. Since then, the product has been creating expectations, and the recent addition of Arjona has only increased the excitement.

Adria Arjona joins Richard Jenkins, who stars with Evan. Greta Watson, the character of Arjona, is described as a high-class car thief with a sharp tongue and Angie’s widowed mother. Ever since her husband’s death in a bank robbery, Greta has been struggling to escape the lonely life she had known and thrived on. But there’s a problem: she’s really good at what she does. Now he’s looking for a big break with his daughter, Angie, that will allow him to make enough money to get out of that life.

Arjona: From Morbius to Andor and Beyond

Adria Arjona has had a varied and interesting career. Although many remember her as Jared Leto’s love interest Morbius, Arjona truly shined in her role as Bix in Andor. In addition, he repeats his role in the second part of the series. She will next be seen opposite Glen Powell in the Netflix comedy-thriller Hit Man and Zoe Kravitz’s directorial debut Blink Twice. Arjona’s other notable credits include Triple Frontier, Six Underground, Emerald City, True Detective, Irma Vep, Good Omens and Narcos.


Ed Brubaker is on board as co-showrunner and executive producer, along with Jordan Harper. Shawn Phillips will executive produce alongside Sarah Karbiner and Philip Barnett. Captain Marvel directors Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden will direct the first four parts of the series. This collaboration will combine everyone’s expertise to bring a fresh and exciting perspective to the television adaptation, ensuring that the spirit of the comic is preserved and expanded to audiences, providing a strong creative approach.

A favorite comedy comes to life

“Criminal is a beloved graphic novel created by the most iconic team in comic history. “I know our global Prime Video customers will immediately embrace this story, and I look forward to bringing it to the screen with Ed, Jordan and the team,” said Nick Pepper, head of Amazon’s MGM Studios, when the series was announced. .

Criminal Ed BrubakerCriminal Ed Brubaker

“Sean and I have been building this world in our books for over a decade, and now it’s amazing to be able to bring it to life for Amazon,” added Brubaker. And it’s even more amazing that Amazon would support the project the way they have and show so much faith in me and Jordan’s vision for the series.

Speculation is growing among Criminals fans.

The news of Arjona’s casting has created a lot of excitement among the fans of the villains. Are you a fan of this comic series? What do you think of this new signing? Fans are eager to see how Arjona brings her unique style to the character of Greta, and many hope that her participation will further enhance the quality of the series. This interaction with fans is key to the success of the series, creating an active and engaged community from the start.