The Alien series on FX: Everything we know so far

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Riddles and mysteries in the new Alien series on FX

From the shadows of outer space, the classic sci-fi horror franchise Alien is gearing up to make the jump to the small screen for the first time. Legendary Legion creator Noah Hawley has joined FX to bring this ambitious project to fruition. With a legacy that began in Ridley Scott’s first film in 1979, the Xenomorph, designed by HR Giger, has gone on to become one of the most iconic villains in horror cinema. Its influence has spawned countless parodies and adaptations.

New sunrise

After a series of ups and downs in the franchise, with the likes of Alien³ and Alien: Resurrection generating divided opinions and Ridley Scott returning to the Alien universe with Prometheus and Alien: Covenant, the saga seems to have lost direction. But now, with The Walt Disney Company buying 20th Century Studios, new hope has emerged. The recent success of the Predator prequel, Prey, and the announcement of the new Alien movie directed by Fede Alvarez, brings us to the FX series. A project that promises to reinvent the franchise by exploring uncharted territories and expanding its mythology.

A combination of skill and innovation

The series already has a promising cast, led by Ace Davis, best known for her performance in The Babadook, and The F***ing World’s End star Alex Lawter. Also Sidney Chandler, Don’t Worry Darley and Adarsh ​​Gourav, are joining ‘The White Tiger’. Additionally, Shadow and Bone’s Kit Young has joined the cast, playing a character named Tootles. While it’s not yet known whether classic characters like Sigourney Weaver’s Ellen Ripley will appear, this new cast promises freshness and depth to the saga.

Although there is no trailer or confirmed release date, anticipation is building. Noah Hawley 2021 has suggested the series could begin in 2023, but 2024 seems more likely, coinciding with the release of Alvarez’s film. With the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes resolved, production could begin soon.

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A familiar and terrifying setting: Earth

One of the most surprising revelations about the series is its location: for the first time in franchise history, the series will be set on Earth. This decision promises an exciting and perhaps terrifying twist in the Alien narrative, fulfilling a promise made 30 years ago.

The series is in safe hands with Noah Hawley, who has proven his ability to adapt established franchises with Fago and Legion. Ridley Scott has joined as executive producer, bringing his original vision to the project.

Alien Legacy

In the year Since its debut in 1979, Alien has become ingrained in popular culture, setting a new standard for horror in space. The film’s influence is evident in later works of science fiction and horror. Claustrophobic horror and science fiction storytelling not only reinvented genres, but created a new type of actress in Ellen Ripley, played by Sigourney Weaver.

Ripley is not only an iconic heroine, but a strong female character model in a male-dominated genre. This trend of strong female characters continues in the new FX series, maintaining Ripley’s legacy and introducing new elements to the franchise.

Alien on Earth, Alien FX Cast, Alien Streaming Movies, Alien FX Series

Where to watch Alien movies?

While we wait for the series, fans can enjoy the films in the saga for rent or purchase on various streaming platforms, including Hulu, Max and Starz, as well as most VOD platforms.

The Alien series on FX promises to be an important and exciting renewal of creativity, with a promising cast, new creative direction and an exciting change of scenery. Stay tuned for more updates on this project that is sure to capture the attention of horror and sci-fi fans alike.