The Alien series will delay its predecessor more than expected

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Noah Hawley, director of the Alien series, revealed plans for filming between strikes and outbreaks.

The echoes of the Nostromo still reverberate, and we’re getting news that promises to set off the alarm again for Alien fans. Noah Hawley, the creative soul behind the acclaimed Fargo, gives us juicy details about the upcoming Alien sequel under FX direction. In our first look at the premiere, which is expected in the first half of 2025, Hawley laid out a road map that guides us through the delays and expectations.

Difficult shot

Hawley, in an interview ahead of the fifth episode of ‘Fargo,’ shared with TheWrap his production schedule: a planned return to the set in January, cameras rolling in February and filming until July, with a premiere that will last until July. Mark the beginning of a new chapter in the saga.

Challenges have been constant for the Alien team, with the Covid-19 pandemic initially postponing the start of filming to March 2022. However, July 2023 marks the start of production in Thailand, with the SAG-AFTRA strike working with British actors. Due to her American citizenship, her co-star Sidney Chandler was absent, but under an equity contract.

Hawley’s vision: between respect and originality

With most of the first hour in the can, Hawley expresses his desire to speed up the series’ arrival to audiences, but acknowledges the amount of work that remains. He sounds enthusiastic as he describes the excitement of kicking off a collection celebrating the original ‘Nostromo’ design, a mix of nostalgia and freshness that will delight new followers and long-time fans alike.

The series not set on the USCSS Nostromo, but set on the ship inspired by its amazing design, is at a crossroads: the film Alien: Romulus by Fede Alvarez in August 2024 may satiate or, on the contrary, increase the hunger for content about Xenomorphs. Time will tell if this similarity is a hindrance or a strategic advantage.

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Sidney Chandler: American star in the shadows

In Alien Space, Sidney Chandler emerges as an American star whose light fails to shine in this production framework. His absence from the show due to the SAG-AFTRA strike left a void that fueled curiosity about his performance. Chandler Sigourney Weaver, whose career is on the rise, promises to bring a breath of fresh air to the saga, maintaining the legacy of strong female characters that began as the unforgettable Ripley.

Alien’s lineage is deep with roots that sink into the fertile soil of science fiction. In the year Since its conception in 1979, the franchise has evolved, evolved, evolved and now, in this series. Anticipation is high as to how Hawley will weave this new story into the fabric of the established saga. With the promise of an inspired but different plot, fans are ready to see how the new season honors and expands the Alien universe.

Looking for the green light

Meanwhile, Hawley and his team are in limbo, waiting for the strike to end, a project that promises to not only honor, but expand upon, its legacy. Awaiting a remake, fans are loyal and patient, waiting for a legendary rebirth. With each new update, with each story shared, the pulse of Alien feels ever stronger, beating the pulse of the industry that never stops moving.

Premiere 2025, Noah Hawley, FX Productions, Alien Series, Sydney Chandler

The Alien series is gearing up to enter an unknown but promising future. Powered by Hawley’s creativity and FX expertise, this intergalactic journey is shaping up to be an odyssey that will leave an indelible mark on the heart of geek culture. And with the horizon of 2025 looming, fans are eagerly anticipating the chance to immerse themselves in the haunting and fascinating Alien universe.