Re: Zero Season 2 Blu-ray Special Edition review

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Re: Zero – Starting Life in Another World released the second season on Blu-ray, with a limited edition offering extras like an art book and stickers for an extra $20. Fans who own the Season 1 Blu-ray can add it to the Season 2 case to create a complete collection. The Season 2 Limited Edition includes four discs, special features, an art book, stickers and art cards featuring the main characters, making it a desirable purchase for fans of the series.

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Crunchyroll has released the second installment of Re:Zero – Life in Another World on Blu-ray. The Isekai series follows Subaru Natsuki, a young man who suddenly finds himself in the Lugunika realm, back in the dead. The Blu-ray of the series is available in two editions, a regular and a limited edition.

Re:Zero – Life in Another World debuted in 2016. It is based on the web novel series of the same name by Tape Nagatsuki, which was adapted into a light novel by Nagatsuki and Shinchiro Otsuka. It has also been adapted into three manga series and a manga anthology. This dark isekai fantasy has become popular, especially with fan favorite characters Rem and Ram. Now he has two seasons, the third is officially on the way.

Crunchyroll allows fans to add Re:Zero – Life in Another World to anime collections

A Re: Zero characters poster

The second season of Re:Zero began airing in 2020 and now has a physical release. Crunchyroll Blu-ray offers a standard edition featuring only itself, while the limited edition has a few extra items. These include an art book, stickers, and art cards that cost about twenty dollars more than the base edition. Like many of Crunchyroll’s anime offerings, the physical version of Re:Zero can be viewed as a sub or dub. The limited edition also contains a case that fits Chapter 2, the art book, and allows fans who own Chapter 1 to put the case inside and complete the collection.

Limited Edition Re: Zero Life in Another World Season 2 from Crunchyroll
Limited Edition Re: Zero Life in Another World Season 2 from Crunchyroll

Season 2 has four discs in the set, bringing together episodes 26 – 50 of the series. The fourth disc has a few special features, including promos, commercials, and subtitled versions of the series’ songs. The limited edition includes four stickers, featuring Rem, Ram, Frederica and Petra in their maid outfits. It also includes eight art cards featuring many of the main characters, such as Roswall and Beatrice. The art book is eighty-seven pages long and includes images of the characters, creatures and settings from the second season, and some miscellaneous items. It concludes with some scene sketches.

Re: Zero – Starting Life in Another World 2 features Subaru still trying to help Emilia while meeting a bunch of new characters involved in a witch cult and a place called the Sanctuary. This season’s regular edition normally costs $69.98, while the limited edition costs $89.98. However, Crunchyroll often runs sales where the limited edition will sell for the same price as the regular version. In-store discounts are also available to members of certain subscription tiers of the streaming service. Crunchyroll’s limited edition of the second season isn’t a must-have for all anime fans, but Re:Zero – Life Begins in Another World will definitely want to pick it up.

Re: Zero – Starting Life in Another World is available to stream from Crunchyroll.

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