Amazon saves the masters of the universe


Discover the uncertain future of Masters of the Universe and its new home on Amazon

News that will shake up the entertainment cosmos: Aaron and Adam Nye may be in talks with Amazon to make their long-awaited live-action entertainment vision a reality. This negotiation comes after the project was canceled by Netflix, creating an interesting situation for the fate of the classic. According to various sources, while the talks with Amazon’s MGM Studios are serious, they are still on delicate ground. If this new deal goes through, new deals will be needed to allow My Brothers to refine the script and direct the film, keeping Kyle Allen in the lead role of He-Man.

Amazon, He-Man, Masters of the Universe, Netflix, Live Action Movie

The treasure of the He-Man universe

This project, like the nomads of the wider universe, has changed homes many times. It started at Warner Bros., moved to Sony and then landed on the streaming platform, with producer and Mattel executive Todd Black always in charge. Black is seeking wide theatrical distribution for Masters of the Universe, something Netflix hasn’t considered. Both Mattel and Amazon’s MGM Studios are tight-lipped about the film’s future.

In the year Launched in 1982, the toy line not only captured the imagination of a generation, but spawned a fantastic animated series that aired from 1983 to 1985. The only live-action film starring Dolph Lundgren hit theaters in 1987.

More than a hero, a sign of the times

He-Man is, more than a character, a cross-generational cultural icon. In the year Since its creation in the 1980s, the character has been a symbol of strength and justice, representing universal values ​​that resonate with young and old alike. This muscular man with his magical sword and “Grayskull Power!” The cry has become the banner of heroic fantasy. His influence went beyond series and toys, permeating pop culture in aesthetic and philosophy.

Amazon, He-Man, Masters of the Universe, Netflix, Live Action MovieAmazon, He-Man, Masters of the Universe, Netflix, Live Action Movie

Comparing it to other heroes like Luke Skywalker from Star Wars or Optimus Prime from Transformers shows the difference. While Luke and Optimus are characters based on science fiction and technology narratives, He-Man stands out as a unique blend of magic and swordplay, medieval fantasy and science fiction. This combination makes it not only unique in the genre but appealing to different audiences.

Netflix and bid farewell to the project.

Since its inception, the project has undergone many changes. Noah Centeno was originally attached to the title role during development at Sony, but when he got the stage, he left the project and made way for Kyle Allen. Although Netflix seems like a logical home since it already hosts animated series from the Saga universe, the platform decided not to pursue a live-action version.

The platform’s decision to drop Masters of the Universe appears to have been influenced by budget. After investing nearly $30 million, they refused to approve the proposed $200 million production budget. The Nee brothers tried to reduce the budget to 180 million, including development costs, but Netflix still rejected the idea.

Amazon, He-Man, Masters of the Universe, Netflix, Live Action MovieAmazon, He-Man, Masters of the Universe, Netflix, Live Action Movie

A new horizon for the teachers

Although Netflix is ​​seen as the home of all things masters, the possibility of Prime Video being a new platform for the saga based on Mattel toys is not entirely unexpected. In the year In 2021, Amazon began producing a live-action She-Ra series, indicating its desire to expand this universe.