Undead Chance: Each member of the Alliance and their abilities are explained.

An undead chance


The alliance in Undead Unluck is initially described as adversaries, but in reality it is a heroic force that works against the laws established by God. Each alliance member has a unique Negator ability that allows them to negate the unique rules of the world and enhance their fighting style. Undead Unluck stands out as a creative manga in Weekly Shonen Jump with creative struggles that show the full potential of each character. The anime adaptation on Hulu is expected to highlight this innovation.

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Warning: Contains major spoilers for Undead Chance.The main strength of Undead Unluck heroes is the union. Although initially presented as an opposition organization, it is soon revealed that they are all meant to be heroes, and it is only through their efforts that they can escape the world of God’s arbitrarily imposed rules.

Undead Unluck is a manga series written and illustrated by Yoshifumi Tozuka serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump starting January 2020. The anime adaptation begins streaming on Hulu in October 2023.

Naturally, every member of the Union in Undead Unluck is a Negator, someone given the ability to defy certain laws about the world. Negative abilities are divided into self-targeted types and external-targeted types, and one’s abilities can be further enhanced by an understanding of how the rules and constraints of power work.

An undead chance

All of that combined with a variety of weapons and combat styles means that each merchant, both inside and outside of the alliance, ends up with an incredibly unique fighting style and sets the action in the series apart from the rest. A weekly Shonen jump manga over the years.

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Fuko Izumo

Undead unlucky hero

The first Union member discussed is Fuko Izumo, the protagonist of Union Level X and Undead Unluck. Foucault’s negotiator’s skill, unhappiness, brings misfortune to the person she touches, the degree to which the misfortune changes depending on how much love the target has, and finally she develops her luck by working on inanimate objects in a unique way. Her interests, as well. After entering the 101st loop, Fuko becomes the leader of the guild and eventually becomes the best fighter among the protagonists, even learning the fighting style of Shin Shin Hakioku.


Undead Unluck Deuteragonist

Following Fuko is Andy, a Tier IX character in Union and Undead Unluck. As the series title suggests, Andy’s negotiator skills are immortal; Undead allows Andy to regenerate from any injury and can do this by using his regenerative powers during battle to shoot body parts like projectors, fly with jets of blood, and harden his blood into weapons, among other things. Andy is eventually revealed to be the alter ego of Victor Amnesiac, one of the original founders of the Alliance and ex-lover of the original leader, Juiz.


The head of the union

In Undead Unluck Episode 5, Juz wears a helmet.

The first level I in the alliance is Juiz, who originally formed the alliance with Victor to fight God. Juiz Negator’s ability is Injustice, which forces a person to do things that go against their sense of justice, and she wields a sword enhanced with UMA Burn’s firepower. Juiz uses the artifact Ark to travel to new time loops whenever the Alliance fails to kill God, but circumstances force her to give up her seat to Fuko for the 101st time and – due to lack of energy – give up the Ark at the very end. The Ragnarok arc.

Shen Xiang

The strongest in all creation

Shen in part 2

Shen Xiang, the second rank in the Union, is a special martial artist who wants to defeat his former master Feng Kowloon and become the “strongest in all creation” to avenge his sister. In addition to possessing the Shin Hakyoku fighting style, the Shen Negator skill, which is unreal, forces anyone in sight to move in the opposite direction they intend to move, but only if the target is someone Shin loves. Shane dies in the Four Seasons arc, but is revived as a zombie, and Lie, along with his place in the alliance, is passed on to his assistant and lover, Mui.

Billy Alfred

A sincere traitor to the union

Billy Alfred

Third in the alliance is Billy Alfred, who has a blind sense of humor and acts as a surrogate father to fellow alliance member Tatiana. Billy Negator’s ability was initially thought to be unbelievable, giving him the ability to dodge bullets, that was just a natural ability, and his true ability is Injustice, which allows him to mimic Negator’s abilities, a businessman he hates. Billy is secretly the leader of the Under, another organization that opposes the Alliance to pursue their own goals, although Billy only formed the Alliance so he wouldn’t die fighting God.

Phil Hawkins

The unfeeling son of the union

Phil Hawkins

Level IV in the Union is Phil Hawkins, an emotionless boy whose body appears to be completely mechanical. Phil Negator’s ability, Unfeeling, removes anything Phil feels, including his emotions, and his body merges with the Intrister of the Legacy, able to fight with various weapons such as lasers and swords, thanks to Phil’s Unfeel. Overcoming the emotional burden of mediation. Phil doesn’t focus on much of the story, but the 101st loop gives him a big role in the overall plot, including exploring the backstory.


The untouchable juggernaut of the Union.


Rank V in the alliance is Tatiana, a young girl who is sold into the mafia after her negator abilities are revealed and becomes Billy’s surrogate daughter. Tatiana’s Negator ability, Invulnerable, creates an invisible barrier around her that propels objects with incredible speed and force, and since it cannot be destroyed, Tatiana must always stay in special armor to suppress her powers. It also works as a fighter mech suit. As of this writing, Tatiana is one of the few members of the Alliance who have not been seen again during the 101st loop and whose whereabouts are unknown.

Isshin (Haruka Yamaoka)

Union private blacksmith


He is a VI level Isshin in the union, a samurai-like figure whose true identity is a shy, muscular woman named Haruka Yamaoka. Haruka’s negator ability is unbreakable, making anything she creates indestructible as long as she believes in it herself, and is unbreakable special, along with the name “Isshin” which is only inherited when her family dies. A former official, Haruka is the 13th Isshin upon her entry. Haruka is still a baby when she reappears in the 101st round, so her role in the alliance is taken over by her grandfather, the 12th Isshin.

High Bull Sparks

Union Speedster

High Bull Sparks

The VII in the Union is Top Bull Sparks, a young man of energy with a remarkable maturity despite being younger than Fuco. Top Negator’s ability, Unstoppable, allows him to run at high speeds, but the downside is that he can’t stop himself without first taking damage and causing his body to go through a dramatic shapeshift, and he also has a special suit. A weapon that allows him to run thousands of miles per second without injuring himself. Like Tatiana, Top is one of the few members of the Alliance not to appear again in the 101st loop at the time of writing.

Nico Vorgel

The union’s resident mad scientist

Nico Vorgel

Eighth in rank in the alliance is Nico Vorgel, who also heads the alliance’s lab. The ability of Nico Negator, Unforgettable, makes it impossible to forget anything from the moment of his appearance, and unfortunately, it happened at the moment of his wife’s death, which made him unable to forget the dead expression. Nico uses his incredible intelligence to fight against metal spheres that can do things like levitate and shoot lasers at people. Like Phil, Nico was initially a minor character, but played a major role in the 101st loop as one of Fuko’s first recruits in the Union.

Chikara Shigeno

New recruitment of the union

Chikara Shigeno

In the 100th loop, the last negator to join the alliance and rank XI in the alliance is Chikara Shigeno. Chikara is initially encountered by Fuko and Andy while trying to escape the Negator and the UMAs black market bidding, and after working with them in fighting Ander, Chikara agrees to join the alliance in their fight against God. Chikara Negator’s ability, Unmove, allows him to freeze anything in his line of sight as long as it remains perfectly still, and due to its narrow nature, it’s difficult to use its ability at first.

Gina Chamber

The saddest member of the union

One of the dead members of the union is Gina Chambers, a woman in her 60s, although she looks like a teenager. Genna’s negator ability allows her to manipulate inanimate, inanimate objects in place, and use her abilities to create indestructible barriers and invisible weapons to attack people. Gina was killed early in the story so Fuko and Andy could have joined the alliance, but she ends up being one of Fuko’s first recruits in episode 101, where the alliance is now set up to allow people to join. There are no open seats at the round table.

Empty volks

Union Heavyweight Champion

Empty volks

Another member of the alliance who died was Void Volks, a former heavyweight boxing champion who accidentally killed his opponent when his skills were revealed. Void’s Negator ability, inevitably, prevents an opponent from getting out of the way when in a fighting stance, and he wears special armor to further enhance his power. Like Gena, Void is killed off early in the story to make room for Fuko and Andy in the alliance, but in episode 101, he appears with more character and an extended role and doesn’t need to die to act like Gena. Class for new recruits.

Ichiko Nemuri

A fallen scientist of the Union

Ichiko Nemuri

The last deceased member of the Union is Ichiko Nemuri, a former member of the Union Lab and Nico’s wife. Ichiko’s Negator ability, Insomnia, forces her to be awake all the time, and while that may be useful for research, the physical damage done to Ichiko ultimately kills her before the story begins. In the 101st loop, however, the introduction of the UMA Ghost allows people to gain the ability to project their souls onto the stars, and every time Ichiko does this, her body can rest, thereby avoiding the fatal conditions in the previous cycle. .

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Most of the Negator’s abilities in Undead Unluck may seem simple on the surface, but the story always takes the time to show how far each power can be taken in combat. Each fight is full of creativity, with one person easily defeating the opponent, and while it may not have had the greatest reception in the West, it still stands out as one of the most creative manga in Weekly Shonen Jump. Undead Unluck anime may not include everything that the union is capable of, but it still has a lot to do to showcase the creativity of the story.

Undead Unluck releases new episodes on Hulu on Friday.

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