The Elite Class has shared the first trailer for the highly anticipated season 3.

Ayanakoji and Sakayanagi from Class of the Elite


After a long hiatus, Elite is back with its second season and fans are eagerly waiting for the upcoming season 3, which will air in January 2024. The season 3 trailer reveals a new experiment in Japanese temples, adding an intriguing element to the highly anticipated confrontation and teasing between Ayanakoji and Arisu Sakayanagi. With a great cast and crew, Studio Lersche’s proven track record, and a high school animation plot twist, The Elite Class is expected to be one of the most popular series of 2024.

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After being on hiatus for over 5 years, The Elite received a second season in 2022 and it was a success due to the enthusiasm built up over the years. Ending on a cliffhanger, it was announced that the 3rd installment of The Elite would be released later in January 2024.

As the release date slowly draws closer, a trailer for the episode of High Level Episode 3 has been revealed on Kadokawa Anime’s YouTube channel.

The Season 3 teaser hints at a new experimental set in Japanese shrines, adding a new and intriguing element to the series. Additionally, the much-anticipated showdown between Ayanakoji and Arisu Sakayanagi will give a glimpse of the show that fans have been waiting for.

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Season 3 of The Best teases Ayanakoji and Arisu’s feud.

Ayanakoji and Sakayanagi from Class of the Elite

The trailer may be short but it serves as an effective tool to build buzz and excitement among fans of the series. While the second season of The Elite ended on a high note, Season 3 looks set to continue its momentum by delivering the same quality and excitement that made the previous season such a hit. Competition between classes is heating up as they race for points and money, creating an atmosphere of tension and suspense. With the main character Ayanakoji still holding onto his full potential, the audience is eager to see what surprises he has in store.

Episodes of the first two seasons of Elite can be streamed on both Crunchyroll and Funimation.

The core cast and crew of Episode 1 are back for Season 3, ensuring quality continuity and consistency for the series. Studio Lersche, the production company behind the show, has a proven track record of delivering successful anime hits such as Dangaropa and The Killing Class, and the third season of Elite is highly anticipated. The light novel that the anime is based on draws on the high school animation plot that appeals to a wide audience and further adds to the popularity of the show.

As the summer of 2023 approaches, anime fans have a lot to look forward to. New shows like Solo Leveling are expected to be the next big thing, while eagerly awaited favorites like Blue Exorcist and Haikyuu!! It is set to continue to dominate the industry. Despite a lot of expectations, The Elite Class is set to emerge as the most popular series of 2024. With its intricate plot line, complex characters and stunning animation, it’s no wonder that Elite Season 3 is already hotly anticipated.

Source: Kadokawa YouTube Channel, Division of the Elite Official Website.

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