An unfinished chapter of One Piece proves the brutal reality of the manga industry

Luffy is asleep in one piece.


The release of an unfinished One Piece chapter is indicative of the unpredictable and unsustainable nature of weekly release schedules in the manga industry. Releasing chapters back to back has caused many manga authors to work themselves to the point of exhaustion, leading to health issues and becoming a hot topic of discussion in the industry. Oda’s decision to prioritize his health in publishing the chapter shows the privilege and loyal fanbase he’s earned over the years, and fans hope he continues to prioritize his well-being at the end of One Piece.

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With another highly anticipated chapter around the corner, the news that the final chapter of One Piece may be unfinished has left fans of the series in deep shock and brought the brutal reality of the manga industry to the fore once again.

One Piece’s greatest feat is its ability to remain consistent in quality despite its twenty-year run. Having said that, recent reports regarding the release of Oda Piece’s unfinished chapter #1098 may be more indicative of a larger problem in the industry than Oda’s schedule or known health issues.

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Weekly releases are in high demand among manga authors.

As X user and One Piece fan Arthur pointed out, the tight schedule that comes with weekly release schedules has led to similar incidents with many manga series in the past and is a recurring issue due to the unsustainable structure and tight deadlines. Weekly releases.

Releasing new chapters back to back can be incredibly demanding and many manga authors have worked themselves to death trying to keep up with the vicious and unsustainable cycle. The issue has been a topic of heated discussion within the industry and among readers for years. Oda himself was hospitalized for several issues and was often encouraged by his editors to take time off. Fortunately, One Piece fans have responded positively to the news of chapter #1098, with many voicing their concerns for the writer.

Oda can afford to prioritize his health.

Luffy is asleep in one piece.

That being said, Oda’s decision to publish the chapter as it is may have been good for his well-being, as he chose to prioritize his health over finishing the chapter. Needless to say, Oda is one of the few manga artists to pull off such a masterpiece. Oda’s ability to take a call like this that other manga artists would be too mad to end his chapter at any cost is certainly a testament to his staying in the industry as long as he has and, if anything, being a loyal but discerning fan. Both Oda and One Piece have gained in the past decade.

While Oda’s passion for his art is unquestionable, and his morale over the past two decades has been impressive, one can only hope that Oda continues to prioritize his health, especially considering his Netflix live-action adaptation and anime debut. Gear five. No matter how boring One Piece’s weekly breaks can be, fans of the series seem to be in agreement that they’d prefer to see the end of One Piece later in favor of weekly releases and considering how special the Egghead Arc was. Far away, a break is definitely worth it.

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