X-Men: The Last Battle for Krakoa has reached a critical stage


Marvel will launch two X-Men series in 2024 that will represent the end of the Krakoan era.

Marvel Comics has finally revealed the synopses and covers for House of X #2 Fall and The Powers of X #2 Rise. These X-Men series mark the end of the Krakoa era.

The end of the Krakow period

The collapse of the House of X #2 was blocked by Jerry Duggan and Lucas Werneck. Additionally, the comic’s cover is done by artist Pepe Laraz, and features the mutant Polaris leaving the Guardians of the Galaxy’s former base of operations, Sapiencial.

House of X #2 Synopsis de Fall

“During the fall of the house, Polaris returns to lead the X-Men home, bringing a nasty surprise for Orchis! As Kraków’s age approaches the grave, this epic story continues in two!

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On the other hand, the rise of power

Synopsis of The Rise of X #2 Powers

“The last hope of the mutants outside of time and space comes the rise of the powers of X #2! Floating between dimensions, hiding from the Dominion that wants to crush them. Can Xavier and his crew survive? And when we know their plans, do we want them to do it? The end of the Kraków era continues in two parts in this fascinating story!”

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The two series will start from January 2024 and will have five issues each. The Fall of the House of X #2 and The Rise of the Powers of X #2 will go on sale in the United States on February 14th and February 21st, respectively.