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ONUS! Imperial Eagle, a new expansion inspired by Simon Scarrow’s novel

ONUS!  Imperial Eagle, a new expansion inspired by Simon Scarrow’s novel

Immerse yourself in the epic battles of Claudius’ Rome, commanding Macron, Cato and Julius Caesar, from Britain to the Rhine River!

We all love to immerse ourselves in history, and even more so it is a game that takes us to the exciting time of the Roman Empire. ONUS!, the popular historical battle simulation system published by Draco Ideas publishing company, manages to capture the emotions, tactics and tactics of ancient warfare on board.

And now, with its latest expansion that took Kickstarter by storm, “ONUS! “Emperor’s Eagle” fans have more reasons to rejoice.

ONUS!  The state eagle

The ONUS! What does expansion bring? The eagle of the empire?

Based on the popular novel by Simon Scarrow, titled “Eagles of the Empire” or “Aguila” in Spanish, this expansion takes us back to the time when Claudius ruled Rome.

Through the adventures of the main characters, Macro and Cato, players will experience everything from the invasion of Britain to Gaul ambushes and challenging battles that occupy Britain. But there’s also, as a special bonus, the supporters of this campaign, based on the prologue of the first book, portraying Julius Caesar as a character.

ONUS!  The state eagleONUS!  The state eagle

Details and mechanics of the expansion

In addition to exciting battles, ONUS! Imperial Eagle brings new rules and mechanics to the game, such as more character usage (beyond generals), stockcodes, attacks, limited visibility, and more. It also includes scenes from major conflicts from the first three books in the series. So whether you want to command Roman soldiers or enemies of the empire alone or in a company, this expansion has something for you.

For those unfamiliar with this game, it’s a mini-type prop, but using cards that represent different classes on the battlefield. These units can move, attack from range or close combat, take on special forms, and more. At ONUS! The King’s Empire cards also represent units of different sizes, from a confederation of 8 soldiers to 480. They are also introduced as characters with their own characteristics and abilities, such as generals.

And if you prefer to play alone, you also have an option. With a fluid and intuitive system, players can take on a game-controlled general, constant and exciting challenge.

Other expansions you can’t miss

After the excitement created by the expansion ONUS! Imperial Eagle, not to mention the other expansions that developed and enriched the game experience. Each expansion brings its own flavor and dynamics, taking us to different eras and historical settings.

ONUS! The expansion of the pack differs from that of Traianus mainly because of the period and the factions represented. But what really stands out is the campaign book, an impressive 120-page tome containing 40 scenarios spread across 6 different campaigns.

ONUS!  The state eagleONUS!  The state eagle

From the Hispania campaign during the Second Punic War, the Persian Wars and the Greek Wars, to the Gladiator Wars, this pack takes you the length and breadth of the ancient world. It’s an expansion that guarantees hours of gameplay and strategic challenges.

While “Eagle of Empires” already introduced rules for stocks and attacks, the expansion of “Lands and Fortresses” takes everything to another level. With this expansion, players can add different terrains and fortifications to their battlefields. This not only adds an extra tactical challenge, but also adds a level of realism and detail to the games.

Siege rules, incendiary shells and other elements make each battle unique and exciting. And best of all, it’s compatible with all ONUS system titles!

ONUS!  The state eagleONUS!  The state eagle