Home Table Games Only 47 hours to join the fight on “ONUS! The Eagle of the Empire” Kickstarter!

Only 47 hours to join the fight on “ONUS! The Eagle of the Empire” Kickstarter!

Only 47 hours to join the fight on “ONUS! The Eagle of the Empire” Kickstarter!

Are you going to lose it? More than 56,000 euros raised and counting: Roman adventures in the card game are just one click away

Pick up your armor and sword, the battle is coming! Only 47 hours until the ONUS Kickstarter ends! Imperial Eagle, by Draco Ideas, the enthusiasm is genuine. Would you like to be part of the Roman Empire for a day? Well, this card game gives you that opportunity and much more. And you don’t seem to be alone in this, more than €56,000 has already been raised, leaving behind the initial goal of €3,800.

If you’re one of those dying for a good story, wait. Not only is this game an homage to the war tactics of ancient Rome, but it is also based on the novels of Simon Scarrow. Yes, we’re talking about that series “Aguila” that kept us glued to the pages remembering the adventures of Makro and Kato.

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ONUS! Imperial Eagle in detail

What is it about this spread that people are flocking to? Simple: It’s pure Roman fun in card game form. If you ever wanted to be in the shoes of Macross, Cato or Julius Caesar, this is your chance.

ONUS! The Imperial Eagle is more than a spread; It is steeped in the Roman Empire’s wars from Britain to the Rhine River. Here you can order characters like Macross, Cato and Julius Caesar. If you contribute to the campaign, you can get a scenario based on the prologue of the first book of the “Aguila” saga.

New mechanics, new emotions. The expansion isn’t short on innovation. It introduces additional rules such as stocks, limited visibility, and more characters than generals. Players can even take on an AI-controlled general, which adds a sense of fun to the game.

ONUS! The Imperial Eagle is set during the reign of Claudius, a truly exciting time in Roman history. Covers the conquest of Gaul from the conquest of Britain. This was a time when Rome was expanding her borders like never before, bringing her culture, laws, and of course, soldiers to unknown lands. The military tactics and political tactics of the era are fascinating, providing an incredibly rich backdrop for the games.

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Other ONUS expansions!

But wait, there’s more. Already consider yourself ONUS! If you’re a veteran, you’ve probably tried other expansions. From the Second Punic War to the Hispania Campaign to the Greek Wars, each brings its own identity. And if strategy suits you, the ONUS pack! Includes a campaign book with 40 scenarios in 6 different campaigns.

Not everything is combat in ONUS! The state eagle. The “Terrains and Forts” expansion adds tactical realism, allowing you to include different terrains and fortifications. Siege rules, incendiary shells and more make every match unique and exciting.

So are you going to lose it? With only 47 hours to go and more funding than expected, this is your chance to immerse yourself in a Roman adventure with Draco Ideas. Not only are they part of a fun gaming experience, but they contribute to the history of the card game, which is revolutionizing the way we look at ancient history.

Time is running out, so if this article piqued your curiosity, now is the time to act. Use these last hours to be part of the adventure. 🏛️🗡️