The Secret of the Avengers at Marvels: Where is Earth’s Mightiest Team?

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The fate of the Avengers remains up in the air after “Endgame.” Will Kamala Khan be the key to their return after joining the Marvels?

In the MCU landscape, “The Incredibles” asks us a crucial question: What happened to the Avengers after “Endgame”? Young Kamala Khan, with her deep admiration for superheroes and persistent dreams of joining them, could be our leader in this labyrinth of the unknown.

The story of “The Incredibles” is caught in a whirlwind of events, as Kamala Khan and Monica Rambeau follow in the footsteps of Captain Marvel and immerse themselves in the investigation of the mysterious Cray wormhole. This path, full of challenges and revelations, leads us to reflect on the current state of the legendary Avengers. Are they still in action or have they left a void waiting to be filled by new heroes?

Kamala, our protagonist, is introduced as a Captain Marvel fan and her rooms are decorated with Iron Man and Captain America posters. This list isn’t just about praise, it also suggests that the Avengers will continue to be a symbol of heroism in the MCU. However, with many of its members disbanded, dead or retired, the group’s absence after the “endgame” has become notable.

An uncertain but promising future

Could Kamala Khan, with her deep connections and ambitions, be the missing link to the Avengers revival? His comments about the team and his eagerness to join it hint that the Avengers may still be active, not at their peak.

With a legendary team like the Avengers, whose members face different fates such as death, retirement or adventures in other worlds, the MCU finds itself at a crossroads. “The Incredibles” not only gives us a glimpse of the future possibilities for these heroes, but also plants the seeds for new characters like Ms. Marvel to take on more prominent roles.

The Avengers

Could we be seeing a new era for the Avengers with Kamala Khan at the helm? Even if “The Incredibles” doesn’t give us definitive answers, it lays a solid foundation for future narratives, keeping the heroic flame alive in an ever-evolving universe.

Kamala Khan: The Spark That Awakens The Avengers?

Kamala Khan emerges as the central figure in “The Marvels”, a mirror of the audience’s admiration and ambition. His relationship with the Avengers shows not only nostalgia, but also a refreshing vision of the team’s future.

In contrast to established heroes, Kamala represents youth and diversity, crucial elements in the evolution of the MCU. For The Avengers, her introduction marks a generational shift, injecting new energy and perspectives into the popular team of heroes.

Captain Marvel - Miss Marvel - Thanos

The universe continues

Despite the problems and changes, the Avengers remain a symbol of strength and unity. His influence is beyond his strength, he inspires new heroes. In “The Marvels,” the MCU invites us to dream of a future where the ideals of the Avengers endure, grow, and be renewed in the hands of heroes like Kamala Khan.

MCU continues to expand with exciting releases like “Deadpool 3” (2024), “Captain America: Brave New World” (2025), “Thunderbolts” (2025), “Blade” (2025), “Fantastic Four” (2025). , “Avenger: Kang Dynasty” (2026) and “Avenger: Secret Wars” (2027). These dates not only mark the path to new adventures, but are also key points in the reorganization of the Avengers team.

In conclusion, “The Marvels” leaves us with more questions than answers about the fate of the Avengers. However, the rebirth of this iconic group opens a window into an exciting future where the likes of Kamala Khan will play a pivotal role. With an ever-changing universe, only time will tell how this new era of heroes in the MCU will turn out.