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Marvel Heroes Review. The Incredible Hulk by Peter David 4 – Ghosts of the Past

Marvel Heroes Review.  The Incredible Hulk by Peter David 4 – Ghosts of the Past

The Hulk fought in the Panthon in Pinnini Comics’ Marvel Heroes in the fourth installment of Peter David’s Incredible Hulk line.

There are screenwriters whose names are undeniably associated with a character, and there are characters whose identity cannot be imagined without considering the work of a particular author, but it’s not often that both situations occur simultaneously between a character and an author. . Such is the case with the Hulk and Peter David, as the scriptwriter took over the Emerald Giant’s long tenure not only to create his own legend, but also to be a cornerstone of Marvel Comics history. . The fourth volume in which Panini Comics collects these stories comes to us under the title Marvel Heroes. The Incredible Hulk by Peter David 4 – Ghosts of the Past.

Peter David released

In the previous three volumes we have seen how the scriptwriter first destroys and then builds on the ruins. We have seen how his writing gradually entered the composition, how his ideas were expressed and settled in the characters, until we reached the point where we find ourselves at the beginning of this form, as we saw him crafting a series of dramas by pick and spade. , where all the dirty work has already been done and now all that remains is to enjoy. Somehow this was in the previous volume, but in this case the situation is more prominent…

In previous years, the scriptwriter has earned the right to do whatever he wants (didn’t he already?) and in this volume he shows that he loves it more than anyone else. The episodes included here are extremely interesting and the plot on which they are based is well thought out, always interesting and has many points that will surprise and delight the reader. In other words, we are faced here with what can be described by this author as a historical example.

In the Pantheon

As a result of what happened in the previous volume, we find our main character integrated into a secret group called the Pantheon, a superhero and active paramilitary organization that is obviously more beautiful on the outside than on the inside.

The climax of this whole story takes place during the invasion of Trans-Sabal, as it is an episode involving the X-Factor team, taking advantage of the convenient situation of combining characters, in which he is the main person in this case. A moment.. Here we can see the most obvious version of the screenwriter, the most political version, establishing very clear parallels between what is reported in you and what was happening at the international level at the time (in

It’s probably looked down upon a bit today, but at the time it has to be said that Dale Keown’s art shown here was extremely creative and impressive. In a way, his style set the tone for the series (for good), so it’s a shame that he went to Image Comics to join a series like The Pitt (especially inspired by Bruce Banner’s alternate image).

Gary Frank arrived

Not everything was wonderful in this volume. The release of Keown and whose quality significantly lowers the average of this collection (although we must emphasize the presence of some famous authors in them) seems to be the balance between good and bad, with the inclusion of annual issues of other series. They remain at an unknown point, but after the numbers drawn by the very accurate Jan Dursema (known to Star Wars readers) comes a legend: Mr. Gary Frank.

We’re talking about first-timer Frank, who has gone a long way to becoming one of the best American comic artists in history. But this does not mean that you can stop enjoying the work, in which you can already see certain details that will accompany him for the rest of his career.

The arrival of the British cartoonist also coincides with the brilliance that the screenwriter can bring to the series’ secondary characters (Rick Jones and Marlowe Chandler are particularly noteworthy), which in some cases bears fruit. Volume and other seeds will be planted in the future.

The volume, published in hardcover by Panini Comics, has 704 color pages with a page size of 17 x 26 cm, and includes the US edition of The Incredible Hulk issues 390-406 as well as Annuals 18 and 19 translated from The X Factor. 76 and material from Namor, Submarines Annual 2, Silver Surfer Annual 5, Doctor Strange, Wizard Super Annual 2 and Marvel Holiday Special 1992.

The volume includes all the issues included in the volume, Julian M. Clemente includes an introduction and an appendix section. It has a recommended retail price of €60 and goes on sale in August 2023.

Amazing heroes. The Incredible Hulk by Peter David 4 – Ghosts of the Past

Peter David continues to be a legend! As a member of a secret group called THE Pantheon, Hulk is forced to consider the possibility that he has chosen the wrong side. Pantheon invades the Trans-Sabal country, where revolution could lead to nuclear disaster. The US government responds with its own intervention team: X-Factor!

Next, the Hulk returns to Las Vegas to meet his recruit, Rick tracks down his missing mother, the man responsible for the Hulk’s birth, the return of the original U-Fos and the Defenders… and it’s revealed! A saga leading up to Incredible Hulk #400 America! Also, the arrival of Gary Frank, the new graphic sense of the series.

Autores: Gary Frank, James Fry, Kirk Jarvin, Ron Fortier, Roy Thomas, Tom Morgan, Andrew Wildman, Chris Bachalo, Travis Charest, Ron Marz, Paul Pelletier, MC Wyman, Kevin West, Jan Dursema, Dale Keown, Peter David and Tom Raney