Home Comics Iron Man takes over from Moon Knight! Tony Stark becomes the emissary of Chaos

Iron Man takes over from Moon Knight! Tony Stark becomes the emissary of Chaos

Iron Man takes over from Moon Knight!  Tony Stark becomes the emissary of Chaos

Anubis makes Iron Man his new servant, bringing out the horror of zombies like never before. Moon Knight, sound familiar to you?

Wow, Marvel never ceases to amaze us. Imagine a world where Iron Man is not the tech hero we all know, but the messenger of chaos. This is not a hypothetical situation; In the “Zombies: Black, White & Blood #1” universe, Tony Stark is recruited by none other than the Egyptian god of death, Anubis.

What’s shocking here isn’t just that Tony Stark has switched sides, but the level of destruction he brings with him. And no, we’re not talking about a bunch of lasers and color explosions; We’re talking about zombie Tony Stark when he spreads a zombie virus that terrorizes everyone, even Moon Knight. Can we take a second to process that?

Anubis and Tony Stark: an unusual combination

We’re all familiar with Moon Knight, the mysterious Honshu avatar, but what happens when Anubis decides he wants a piece of the apocalyptic pie? Here comes Iron Man, transformed into his new avatar, in a move that redefines the concept of ‘Destroyer’. Suddenly, Anubis sees the zombie virus as the key to conquering Earth, and who better to open that lock than zombie Iron Man?

Iron Man, Marvel Comics, Marvel Zombies, Moon Rider

If you thought the Iron Man suit was just for launching missiles and flying, think again. The reason why Anubis chose Tony as his new palm is simple: the costume allows for the rapid and unstoppable spread of the virus. The power of his addiction, now imbued with dark powers, makes him invincible. That is, here his friend Tony becomes a primary virus transmitter.

The power of Anubis elevates Iron Man to new heights

The scary thing about all of this is how much power Iron Man gets in terms of being the avatar of Anubis. Not only is he getting stronger; It also reaches a level of brutality that we haven’t seen in his character before. Once Anubis recently thought that Zombie could be a better choice for Moon Knight, he cut ties with Tony. But the damage has already been done, friends.

Iron Man, Marvel Comics, Marvel Zombies, Moon RiderIron Man, Marvel Comics, Marvel Zombies, Moon Rider

Tony Stark’s campaign as an avatar of Anubis may have been short-lived, but its ramifications are profound. First, it shows how easy it is for a hero to wreak havoc on Earth under the influence of a god. It also jeopardizes any research into finding a cure for the zombie virus. Now Moon Knight takes over, but the big question is whether he will be as devastating as Iron Man.

Marvel Zombies is one of those sagas that you just can’t stop reading even if it gives you the chills. Originally released in 2005, it quickly became a cult. because of? Well, there are no ordinary heroes here; In this parallel universe, our favorite Avengers, X-Men and others have been infected by a zombie virus. And yes, they eat people.

Amazing zombiesAmazing zombies

In this situation, heroes have stopped being the light of hope and have become real threats to humanity. Can you imagine Spider-Man or Captain America wanting more brains than justice? So here you are. The level of terror increases even more when they realize that they possess their intelligence and abilities, making them very, very dangerous zombies.

It is a brutal reflection of identity and morality on many bloodied and torn limbs. If you’re a fan of comics and love stories that take you out of your comfort zone, you should definitely check out Marvel Zombies.