Home Comics Marvel celebrates 20 years of promising youth with new alternate covers.

Marvel celebrates 20 years of promising youth with new alternate covers.

Marvel celebrates 20 years of promising youth with new alternate covers.

Stormtroopers, formerly known as Young Guns, Marvel Comics’ new show features a variety of covers from new young artists.

January 2024 could be a stellar month for Marvel Comics fans. The publisher, in a brilliant move, is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the show Stormbreakers (formerly known as Young Guns) by releasing a series of stunning alternate covers. This event is not only a milestone for Marvel, but a brilliant tribute to the artistic visions that have defined the beauty of our beloved superheroes.

It’s no secret that La Casa de las Ideas has been a hotbed for emerging talent. In the year Since its inception as Young Guns in 2004, the program has evolved into this new project in 2020. This change marks not only a new name but also a re-innovation in presenting and promoting its most promising artists.

Eight contemporary stormtroopers—Elena Casagrande, Nick Klein, Jan Bazaldua, Chris Allen, Martin Coccolo, Lucas Werneck, Federico Visentini, and CF Villa—have taken up the mantle, creating unique covers that pay homage to that first generation of young guns. Each cover is a window into the history and future of the publisher, a visual dialogue between generations of artists who have given the most popular characters.

A wonderful January

The action begins on Jan. 3 with Bazaldua’s alternate “Captain America #5.” This cover highlights the man with the starry shield in all its glory. It follows on January 10th with Vernecke’s cover for “Avengers #9” featuring Scarlet Witch working her magic. And we won’t stop there: Gwen Stacy promises to be an action-ready revelation in Casagrande’s “Spider-Gwen: Smash #2.”

Throughout the month, every Marvel title is adorned with these special covers. From the strength of Magneto in Klein’s variant cover for “Magneto Resurrection #1” to the Spider-Punk bravado of “Spider’s Edge #1,” each work is a celebration of creativity and talent.

But the story does not end in January. Always looking to the future, his 2023 class of Stormbreakers announced that they will continue their work in 2024. This means more creative covers, more artistic explorations and more surprises for fans.

The publisher’s commitment to its emerging artists goes beyond programming; It is a philosophy. A philosophy that celebrates evolution, creativity and above all the desire to tell stories through art. The members of this tag team are not only artists; Their works are visual legends that continue to inspire generations of readers and fans.

The legacy of Marvel and its artists

In the 21st century, La Casa de las Ideas was home to many young and talented artists. Among them, Sara Pichelli is known for her work on “Ultimate Spider-Man” and co-creator of Miles Morales, the character that revolutionized the Marvel Universe. Another relevant name is Stefano Caselli, whose dynamic art has been highlighted by titles such as “Avengers” and “Iron Man.” In addition, Pepe Laraz left his mark on the “X-Men” with his bright and detailed style. These artists, like Hurricanes, pour energy and freshness into every page, contributing greatly to the rich visual appeal.

When we look at these covers, we don’t just look at images; We see the history of this macro universe and the evolution of art. Every stroke, every color, every composition is a tribute to the past and a hope for the future. These artists don’t just create covers; They are writing chapters in the grand narrative of Marvel.

This January is not the only month to celebrate. It is the recognition of creativity, emerging talent and vision that has made Marvel what it is today. It’s an invitation to look behind the covers and beyond them to understand the passion and artistry that each artist on this label contributes to the Red Press legacy.