Dune: Get to know the different factions and families involved in the sequel


The Dune universe is a huge tree of characters from different families and factions and some of the new ones may mark a big change in the series.

Frank Herbert’s deep, intergalactic chessboard of the cosmos awaits in “Dune: Part Two.” Here, six powerful players – houses and factions – vow to shake the empire’s foundations, each with their own unique histories, intrigues and ambitions to prepare for the clash. As the film adapts the second half of Herbert’s iconic book, it’s imperative that you immerse yourself in these cosmic actors before the screen comes on.

1. House Atreid: The Heart of Dune’s Home Planet: Caladan

At the center of this galactic odyssey is House Atreid, doomed but not defeated. Born from the lush Caladan, the Atreides, proven by their noble lineage and compassionate leadership, face a terrifying challenge. Under the leadership of Paul Atreides, this House has risen from the ashes to restore its lost glory. Their fight is not only for power but also for justice and dignity, they are determined by the generation.

2. House Harkonnen: impossible opponents. Home Planet: Giedi Prime

Born in industrialized Giddy Prime, House Harkonnen emerges from the shadows. Known for their cruelty and cunning, the Harkonnen represent the perfect antidote to Atreides’ righteousness. Their ruthless rise to power and iron control of Arakis, a planet key to spice production, puts them in an enviable but dangerous situation. Baron Vladimir Harkon, with his sights set on his own empire, emerges as a formidable adversary in this game of interstellar power.

3. Casa Corrino: Los gobernantes del Impero. Starting planets: Kaitain, Salusa Secundus

Dominating the scene is House Corrino, the ruling Imperial family. With millennia of dominance, their influence spans the galaxy. Their home planet, Salusa Secundus, has been turned into a prison world, the breeding ground for their most powerful weapon, the dreaded Sardaukar. Emperor Shaddam IV, faced with the growing threat of Atreides, plays a crucial role in the events that lead to the Battle of Arakis.

Denis Villeneuve, Dunn

4. House Fenring: The treacherous allies. Home Planet: Kaitain

House Fenring, though less prominent, plays an important role as an ally of the Corrinos. Dwelling in Kaitain, they are known for their political skills and intrigue. Its leader, Count Hasimir Fenring, is the Emperor’s trusted advisor, whose shadow modding technique will be crucial in the events of Dune 2.

5. The Bene Gesrite Order: Masters of Deception. Headquarters: Wallach IX

In this universe of power and intrigue, no faction is more enigmatic than the Bene Geserit. Known for their political machinations, genetic engineering and superhuman abilities, their quest to find the galaxy’s messiah, the Quesats Haderach, is common in the “Dune 2” plot. Their influence spreads quietly but deeply through the galaxy, weaving the thread of fate for many houses.


6. Brotherhood of Space: Masters of Interstellar Travel. Headquarters: Communication

Ultimately, the Space Guild stands as one of the most powerful entities in the “Dune” universe. The monopoly on space travel and control of the spice melange gives it a special place unlike any other house or empire. In “Dune 2”, their role as guardians of the star trails will be crucial in the outcome of the story.

In the year Awaiting the release of “Dune: Part Two” in March 2024, immersing yourself in these worlds and characters will not only enrich the cinematic experience but also provide a deeper understanding of the universe where politics, faith and power intersect on this grand cosmic scale. These houses and factions, each with their own ambitions and secrets, are ready to play their part in what promises to be a monumental saga within the vast universe in which it was created.