The oldest Jedi Master in Star Wars history

The oldest Jedi Masters in Star Wars history |  His house

Discover the revered masters of Jedi master art, from the legendary Yoda to the origins of the Order.

As we delve into the yellow pages of Star Wars history, figures emerge who are pillars of the Jedi lore, who have transcended the ages and whose stories echo through the ages like the Force. Star Wars Comics presents a rich narrative mosaic of exploits and downfalls, a story in which the greatest Jedi Masters live out their lives before our eyes, not only on the big screen, but in the images that created both legends. The main canon.

Yadhl: The Art of the Silent Centuries

In a small corner of the Jedi Council, a thoughtful man eats his food after an encounter with a monstrous beast. Yaddle, an enigmatic species similar to Yoda, took his place on the council until the Clone Wars brought new faces. He lived for over 400 years, a whisper compared to others, but his influence spread deeply and slowly, training young novices during the High Republic.

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Yoda: Beyond the High Republic

Before the High Republic was even a flicker in the galaxy, there was already a servant of the light side whose wisdom and power resonated through the millennia. 900 years ago, the great teacher Yoda saw the age we can only imagine. Known for the Clone Wars and mentoring a young Luke Skywalker, Yoda has always kept his origins a mystery, leaving a lasting legacy in both mythology and canon.

Jedi Master YodaJedi Master Yoda

Revan: Duality of Power

Revan’s name reverberates throughout history as a legendary warrior balanced between light and shadow. Revan, the protagonist of the old Knights of the Old Republic games and written in the Skywalker saga, was of the light side, drawn to the dark side on the brink of war, emerging as a reborn Sith Lord to confront himself. Swear to protect.

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From legend to darkness: Alec and Malak

The rise and fall of Alec, later known as Darth Malk, shows the seductive call of the dark side. His story is intertwined with that of Revan, a veteran, power-hungry usurper who usurped the throne of his friend and mentor, exemplifying the hero’s tragedy, becoming one of the most feared Sith Dark Lords in the lore of the stars. Wars.

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Bastila Shan: Fighting the Shadow of Malk

During the Jedi Civil War, the legendary Jedi Bastila Shan is best known for her pivotal role in the Knights of the Old Republic. Aligned with the Council on Revan, her determination and skill was instrumental in maintaining stability in a galaxy on the brink of chaos, now resisting the advances of the Dark Angel.

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Exar Kun: Greed and value of knowledge

In a story that reminds us of the fine line between enthusiasm and destruction, Exar Kun, an arrogant and violent being, succumbs to the temptations of the Sith mysteries, which results in her resurrection as the Dark Lord of the Sith Empire. His story is a warning echo across the vast canvas of the Star Wars narrative, a reminder of the danger that comes with the thirst for power.

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Ulic Qel-Droma: disciple and destroyer

Ulik Kel-Droma’s fate is inextricably linked to Exar Kun. Although he is a disciple of the Force, a personal experience pushes him to the dark abyss. Caught in a cycle of war and revenge, Ulik became the center of the Sith Wars, a tragic example of how pain can destroy the most determined soul.

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The eternal strength of these Jedi and Sith

These include more than the stories of Jedi Masters and Sith Lords; They are the soul of the hero that is Star Wars. He has left an indelible mark on the plot of this saga that each one of us craves. Their lives and choices are the lights and shadows that guide generations of fans in a galaxy not far away.

Each name and each story is a thread in the complex and fascinating tapestry of the Star Wars lore, a legacy that continues to expand and fascinate fans of this saga with each new revelation and each part of the story in the comics. Movies and games that continue to fuel the endless narrative flames of this galaxy.