Kevin Feige advises Hugh Jackman not to return to Wolverine

Kevin Feige

Hugh Jackman ignored Kevin Feige’s advice about returning in Deadpool and Wolverine after Logan.

Hugh Jackman has decided to defy the advice of Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige by returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a completely new form. After the popularity of the character in “Logan” closed, Jackman made a surprise return, but this time, he dons the first known comic book costume in “Deadpool & Wolverine”, creating a different and amazing version of the beloved. Mutation

Feige’s advice and Jackman’s decision

In a recent interview with Empire, Kevin Feige initially advised Jackman not to turn down the role of Wolverine. “Ugh, don’t come back. Your ending with Logan was perfect, and we shouldn’t undo that,’” Feige shared. However, Jackman changed his mind when he learned that he would be playing a different character, a detail revealed in the film’s latest trailer.

Jackman expressed his excitement for this new chapter, excited for the opportunity to team up with Ryan Reynolds again and explore a never-before-seen angle on the character. “When I was wearing my normal clothes, I was like, ‘How come we haven’t done this before?’ I thought. It felt so right, so he,” Hugh said of experiencing the actual Wolverine costume.

The dynamic between Deadpool and Wolverine

The film not only reintroduces these characters, but also goes deeper into their relationship, which is something that Ryan Reynolds, who wrote the script, is looking forward to. “It’s great for Deadpool to have someone who can literally punch him in the face,” said Jackman, citing the combative yet funny chemistry between the two.

Deadpool Wolverine movie, Hugh Jackman Wolverine, Kevin Feige advice, classic Wolverine costume

The film brings back new talent like Morena Baccarin and Leslie Ughams along with new talent like Emma Corrin and Matthew Macfadyen. The plot follows Wade Wilson facing a mid-life crisis and his decision to retire, bringing his loved ones and the entire world back into action.

A new chapter for comic icons

Jackman’s decision to return Wolverine’s new look is more than a return; It’s a reinvention of a character that left an indelible mark on pop culture. Known for his intense anger and ability to regenerate, Wolverine is one of Marvel’s most beloved mutants, which has been explored in depth in various films and series, but has always maintained certain stylistic and narrative boundaries that this new film promises to break.

The film is important not only for Jackman’s return, but also for its impact on the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). By introducing character variables, a variety of possibilities are opened up for future narratives and crossovers, as seen in other successful franchises. This approach not only enriches the plot, but also renews fans’ desire to see new aspects of their favorite heroes in previously unimaginable contexts.

Deadpool Wolverine movie, Hugh Jackman Wolverine, Kevin Feige advice, classic Wolverine costume

Expected product

Directed by Shawn Levy and scheduled to premiere on July 26 in formats such as IMAX and Dolby Cinema, “Deadpool & Wolverine” is preparing to be a milestone in the history of superhero cinema, combining comedy, action and emotional depth.

Finally, Jackman’s bold reprise of this role promises to not only cement Wolverine’s legacy, but deliver a cinematic experience that Marvel fans won’t want to miss. With every detail that emerges, the excitement only grows, marking this return as one of the most anticipated cinematic events of the year.