3 Superlopez stories can be adapted into live-action.


If the live-action movie had a sequel, SuperLopez could have lived through any of these adventures of the Askids.

As we mentioned at the time, Superlopez continued to write silent jokes in Humor Siglo XXI No. 3 (1973) by Juan López Fernández named Jan. In addition to the film of the same name with Danny Rovira, which was released in 2018, his own masthead from 1979.

The original idea was to film several episodes of SuperLopez’s live-action adventures, which didn’t seem crazy considering the initial gross of 12.6 million euros (7.3 on the original budget). It won Best Comedy at the Feroz Awards and Goya for Best Special Effects for Laura Pedro and Luis Rivera. But the profits from the first film were not predicted to be profitable for the second installment, which was more ambitious than the first, which is why it was decided not to continue with the film. Franchise.

However, this Spanish superhero has many adventures, if the originally planned film saga had been prepared, it would have been worth seeing in action, among which we can highlight the three cases that we have mentioned in the following sections of this article.

Lord of Pacifiers

This is Superlopez’s fifth album, published between numbers 96 and 103 on the Mortadelo Especial collection (1980 – 1981). You don’t need to be very intelligent to realize that the adventure narrated here is part of the trilogy written by JRR Tolkien (1954) and has a total of eight chapters. Lord of the Satisfiers, First Pacifier, Second Pacifier, Third Pacifier, And They Go…!, The Fourth Pacifier, Chuper Lopez Pacifier!, The Sixth Pacifier of the Apocalypse and The End of the Pacifier…

This album, far from being on this list by pure chance, is a very deliberate choice because it is clear that the main idea is to make this adventure star in the plot of the sector, initially, it was going to be done, as seen at the end of the first movie, from the character in the cartoons. We see a man dressed in a character-like outfit and paying the bill at the bar where Juan and Luisa live before disappearing into thin air. They are and he makes it clear to SuperLopez that he owes him an alter ego.

Short Carambanales

Danny Rovira, Lord of the Pacifiers, Supergroup, Los Petisos Carambanales, Super Lopez.

These little creatures first appeared on Superlopez’s tenth album, El Centro de la Tierra (1984). Although they have some green antecedents, the Petiso Carambanales, yellow ectoplasmic creatures created by Superlopez’s power, did not gain prominence until a volume 15 adventure titled The Terrible, Strange, Terrible Petisos Carambanales Comic. First published in the Superlopez Collection (1987), between issues 11 to 18 and 21, it had the unique feature of letting the reader choose the characters’ fates based on options presented at the end of each page.

The choice of SuperLopez’s sequel to this adventure comes from the fact that throughout the plot of the original film, some of Carambanales’ shorts can be seen at least twice: on the top of the fence and as decoration from the bookshelf. Juan’s house.

Super team

Danny Rovira, Lord of the Pacifiers, Supergroup, Los Petisos Carambanales, Super Lopez.

This is SuperLopez’s second album, first published in Nos. 64, 66, 68, 70 and 73 Mortadelo Especial (1979), where the character joins Captain Hispania, Bruto, Incredible Girl, Magician and Cans. This story arc is based on the comics Super Group, Boss for Super Team!, Super Team Training, A Traitor in Super Team…?, Super Team in Action!, Super Team Break, Battle for Pensucker and Temporary Victory. However, for the vast length of the saga, the plot was split between this album and the next, All Together, One Against All! (1979)

As has happened to other giant superhero teams, such as DC’s Justice League or Marvel’s The Avengers, a supergroup (whose members include Captain America, The Thing, Wonder Girl, Doctor Strange, and Iron Man (or maybe Ultron). ) The second paragraph of this article Although we face the budget problem mentioned earlier, it can work well on the big screen.