John Wick could make the jump to anime.

John Wick

Chad Stahelski reveals the future of John Wick through TV and anime projects, expanding the universe already seen.

The John Wick saga, with Keanu Reeves in the lead, never ceases to amaze. As we eagerly await John Wick 5, Chad Stahelski, the filmmaker behind this action saga, reveals new projects that will keep fans on the edge of their seats.

A universe in constant evolution

After the break from John Wick 5, Stahelski and Reeves are looking for a revolutionary story. But pay attention fans! That doesn’t mean standing in the Wicked universe. In a recent episode of the Discourse podcast, Stahelski lifted the lid on the fact that more content for John Wick is on the horizon.

Unlike Continental, where his participation was minimal, Stahelski is fully involved in the new TV series. This idea promises to be a bridge between film and television, to the characters and their world building.

The High Table: Mystery and Power

The mystery of the high table always attracts followers. Stehelsky, knowing the danger of clichés, promises to keep a certain secret, showing representatives but not revealing the whole. The TV series explores this enigmatic group, opening new doors for the Wicked Universe.

An excited Stahelski mentioned the possibility of exploring the characters of John Wick: Season 4 in the series. Donnie Yen, Rina Sawayama and Tracker (Shamier Anderson) could all have prominent roles, expanding the already rich narrative cast.

The versatility of TV

The television format is ideal for developing backgrounds and characters without the pressure of time, according to Stahelski. This flexibility allows for a deeper dive into the John Wick universe.

Stahelski’s passion for Japanese anime was realized in the animated John Wick project. This adventure promises to take the franchise to a level of storytelling and beauty that only anime can provide.

Finally, Stehelski reflects on the success of John Wick. Beyond shooting and martial arts, the human team behind each film has left a unique and impressive mark.

Keanu Reeves, the soul of John Wick

Keanu Reeves, akin to John Wick, redefined the action genre with his stunning performance. Since the first film, the character has become a symbol of modern action cinema. The intensity and depth that Reeves brings to Vic captivated audiences worldwide, cementing his place among the greatest action heroes. His commitment to physical training and perfection in fight scenes is legendary, heightening the realism and intensity of each sequence.

John Wick’s influence transcends the screen. The character has influenced popular cultures, from the world of video games to fashion, with his unique charm and sophistication. The absorbing combination of narrative and unparalleled action sequences set a new standard in action cinema. With each episode, John Wick not only expands the narrative universe but also reinvents what we expect from the genre, combining stylistic beauty with an visceral brutality that resonates with fans of all ages.

A promising future

With their sights set on expanding the Wicked universe through TV and anime, Stahelski and his team embark on a journey full of action, mystery, and of course plenty of fantasy. Fans can look forward to what’s next, it’s sure to be an epic adventure.

The Wicked Universe will expand with new television and anime projects. Franchise director Stahelski reveals details of a new TV series that will explore more of the universe and characters, as well as details of an anime project that promises to take the saga to a new aesthetic and narrative level. While the TV series will focus on the story behind the High Table and the characters of John Wick: Season 4, the anime will explore stories that only this medium can achieve. The passion and team behind these projects points to an exciting and action-packed future for Deadliest Assassin fans.