James Wan recreates the horror of Munster

James Wan

James Wan takes on a darker take on the ’60s classic.

Acclaimed horror director James Wan is producing “1313,” a dark reimagining of the 1960s “Munsters” series. This announcement comes two years after Rob Zombie launched his own series. Starring Wan and Lindsey Anderson Brewer, the series promises a lighthearted approach from the original and a transition to classic horror.

A dark take on the classic comedy

“The Munsters,” which originally aired between 1964 and 1966, followed the adventures of a family of friendly monsters trying to fit into society. The series, starring Fred Gwynne, Al Lewis, Yvonne De Carlo and others, was famous for turning the tide of horror films and creating family-friendly comedy.

Wan, known for his work on horror franchises such as “Nunu” and “Archive 81” and “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” teamed up with emerging genre talent Beer to develop “1313.” He said. With Ingrid Bissue also involved in production, the project is already raising expectations among horror and television fans.

A dark reimagining of the Munsters

“Deadline” is being described as a “dark re-imagining” of the classic sitcom “1313” and will be a horror series that plays with classic monster tropes, according to reports. Brewer serves as showrunner and serves as executive producer along with Wan, Bisu, Michael Clear and Rob Hackett.

1313 Series, James Wan, Lindsay Anderson Brewer, Rethinking Darkness, Munster

Adapting “The Munsters” into a traditional horror genre may seem like an odd choice, given that the original concept actually overturned the genre’s crown to create a comedy. However, this new version manages to explore different ways to pay homage to the 60s series without necessarily directly adapting it. The title “1313” refers to the Munsters’ original home address, suggesting that the characters will continue to live together under the same roof.

A new home for monsters

James Wan is known for his ability to reinvent and reinvent the horror genre. His vision, combined with the creativity of Brewer, who recently wrote and directed “Pete Sematary: Bloodlines,” promises a series that could redefine the “Munsters” legacy. Fans can expect a fresh and terrifying approach that honors the spirit of the original while introducing new and terrifying elements.

With UCP-backed production and Wan and Beer’s creative talents, “1313” could be a hit, appealing to both horror fans and those nostalgic for the original series. While not many details about the plot and characters have been revealed yet, the combination of talent involved suggests that this reimagining has the potential to surprise and captivate audiences.

1313 Series, James Wan, Lindsay Anderson Brewer, Rethinking Darkness, Munster

Wan put a dark spin on the classic comedy

One of the most intriguing aspects of “1313” is how James Wan and his team envision the iconic characters of “The Munsters.” Originally played by Fred Gwynne, Herman Munster is one of the most beloved characters due to his kind nature and classic monster appearance. In this new version, Herman can adopt a more dark and scary character, reflecting the modern horror trends that Wan handles well. This change in tone can give a new dimension to the character as he explores his struggle to fit in with the world that fears him.

Additionally, the series is able to explore the characters’ origins and backgrounds in a deeper and darker way. Lily Munster, the matriarch of the family, may have a past of secrets and unknown horrors, bringing a new level of complexity to the narrative. This approach allows fans to see their favorite characters in a new light, while maintaining the essence of the original series.

For those who want to relive the magic of the original, “The Munsters” is ready to be released on the Peacock. Meanwhile, horror and television fans can look forward to the premiere of “1313,” which promises to bring back monsters like never before.