Carnage approaches divinity in a completely renewed design.


In Symbiosis Necrosis, Carnage seeks a divine replacement for his bloody confrontation with Venom.

As we enter the vast Marvel Universe, we find ourselves witnessing one of the most intense and bloodiest conflicts of all time. The eternal rivalry between the two most famous symbiotes in comics is about to grow to divine levels in “Symbiosis Necrosis”, a saga that promises to redefine not only these iconic characters, but also their legacy in the Marvel cosmos.

Divine Carnage, New Carnage Design, The Marvel Saga, Symbiosis Necrosis, Venom vs Carnage

From chaos to divinity

From the darkest corners of his existence, Carnage embarks on a quest to attain a godly form, a quest that, if successful, could propel him to unimaginable levels of power. The new design, which was leaked recently, only fuels the fire of anticipation, hinting that your search may not be in vain. This transformation not only gives him god-like power, but also threatens death and destruction like never before.

The plot of this new comedy is woven around the complex family dynamics between Carnage, Venom, Eddie Brock and Dylan. Carnage, with his sights set on divinity, tries to hurt Eddie by revealing Venom’s evil deeds to Dylan, with devastating results.

Eternal rivalry

Both symbiotes, sworn enemies for decades, are on the brink of what promises to be their fiercest battle yet. Marvel’s vision of the conflict in “Symbiosis Necrosis” not only presupposes an epic conflict, but also hints at a divinely desired carnage.

This saga not only pits Venom and Anti-Venom against the god-like Carnage, but also pits Eddie Brock, Dylan Brock and Anti-Venom in intense conflict. Toron Gronbeck and Ken Lashley’s “Venom #31” set the scene for this transformation, with Carnage looking for a significant power boost.

A new era for carnage design

The tragic symbiote’s quest for divinity is revealed in the redesigned “Symbiosis Necrosis.” Armed with divine power, he prepares to wreak havoc and destruction on an unprecedented scale.

In addition to his campaign of terror across America, the red symbiote turns the Marvel hero into a killer, a strategy that shows his brutality and cunning. His attempt to attain godhood, creating a cult that worships him, sets the stage for a never-before-seen confrontation with Venom, revealing that his new form is not only possible, but probable.

Known symbionts

The relationship between Carnage, Venom, Eddie and Dylan is explored in depth, showing the complexity of their relationship. Carnage, the product of the Venom symbiote, and Dylan, Eddie’s son, find themselves at the center of this emotional and cosmic storm. The revelation of Cletus’ Venom’s evil deeds promises to be a surprising twist in their already tumultuous relationship.

Divine Carnage, New Carnage Design, The Marvel Saga, Symbiosis Necrosis, Venom vs CarnageDivine Carnage, New Carnage Design, The Marvel Saga, Symbiosis Necrosis, Venom vs Carnage

This new arc promises to be a turning point in Marvel’s symbiote cosmology. With key characters like Carnage, Venom and Anti-Venom in play and a new look, the first symbiote is about to experience an epic shake-up of the Marvel Universe. While we wait for more revelations and twists, Cletus’ divine design marks a significant shift in the balance of power.

“Poison #31”, available on March 6, is the beginning of this epic story, which marks a new era for both symbiotes. With each page, Marvel invites us to witness the evolution of one of the most iconic rivalries in comics, taking us to a realm where the divine and mortal meet in a deadly dance.