4 masks created for animated adaptations of series and movies


Series and movies have created mascots in their cartoon versions.

Cartoon adaptations of successful series and movies are nothing new. However, it is curious that in some of these versions the pets appear to be very different, many of which never appeared in the original material.

Due to the differences between the various projects mentioned here, some of these pets have a great importance in the recipe, while others do not go beyond being a simple decorative element, as shown in the four examples that we have compiled in this article. And you can read below.

Punky Brewster (1985)

In the year In 1984, David W. Duclone created the sitcom Punky Brewster, starring George Gaines (as Henry Warnimont) and Soleil Moon Frye (as Little Punky Brewster), in which a homeless girl and his dirty, cheap skits become heartwarming after adopting her. A dog came into the house. With 88 episodes spread over four seasons, the series remained on the air until 1988.

In this series, Punky only had her dog Brandon, in the animated adaptation, with a total of 26 episodes, directed by John Kimball, Rudy Lariva, Russ Mooney and the aforementioned David W. Duclone, she doubled her number. Pets, from there she met a magical creature named Glomer, whose ability to fulfill her wishes led Punky, along with her friends Cherry, Margo and Allen, to the most amazing adventures as they tried to return the stranger to his place of origin. Glomer. Below, you can see the introduction of the series where we see this magical creature

This Boy Is a Demon (1993 – 1994)

Ace Ventura, Dumb and Dumber, this kid is a devil, pets, punky brew.

This Boy’s a Demon (1990) directed by Dennis Duggan and starring John Ritter (as Ben Healey) and Michael Oliver (Junior Healy), leading to the successful creation of This Boy’s a Demon. Demon 2 (1991), directed by Brian Levan and This Boy’s a Demon 3 (1995), directed by Greg Beaman and starring William Katt and Justin Chapman as Ben and Jr. respectively). We can witness the stubbornness of an incorrigible child in the course of the Trinity.

In the 26-episode animated version, spread over two seasons, led by creators Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski, as well as Anthony Diocone, Lee Williams and Robert Simmonds, Jr. had one of the most unusual pets ever. We may never have seen it, just by looking at the image that accompanies this episode, or as seen in the introduction to the series.

Dumb and Dumber (1995)

Ace Ventura, Dumb and Dumber, this kid is a devil, pets, punky brew.

In the year In 1994, under the direction of Peter and Bobby Farrelly, Jim Carrey (as Lloyd Christmas) and Jeff Daniels (as Harry Dunn) starred in the film Dumb and Dumber, which is very clear in the title. The breakthrough came for the pre-Dumb and Dumber: Harry Meets Lloyd (2003) starring Troy Miller and Derek Richardson and Erik Christian Olsen as Harry and Lloyd. Finally, in 2014, the sequel Dumb and Dumber was released, in which the directors and stars of the original film returned.

Unlike the movies, where Lloyd and Harry don’t travel with pets, in the cartoon adaptation, directed by creator Bennett Yellin, there are only 13 chapters (some of which are made up of two separate stories), they are joined by Kitty. , the purple beaver, as shown in the picture attached to this episode, is the superior of the two human characters, which is not very complicated. Below, we show the introduction.

Ace Ventura (1995 – 1997)

Ace Ventura, Dumb and Dumber, this kid is a devil, pets, punky brew.

And we can’t finish the article without mentioning who the first one was, directed by Tom Shadiak and starring in Ace Ventura: Pete Detective (1994) and Ace Ventura: Africa Operation (1995), so we’ll continue with Jim Carrey. The second is by Steve Odekerk.

Although in both films we can see that Ace Ventura has a house full of all his pets, he usually does not take any of these animals for his mission, as in the cartoon series, 39 episodes in total, he is always accompanied by Spike, the little monkey that we see in the picture by creators Duane Capizzi and Dave Pemberton. In the introduction you can see below this paragraph.