10 best anime dogs

Kekaishi: Madaro the dog demon


The best anime dogs are fiercely loyal companions that are cute without being annoying. Anime dogs can come in many forms, from wolf-like ayakashi to genetically engineered corgis, but they still embody traits of loyalty and bravery. These anime dogs prove themselves to be competent and devoted companions to their owners, making them ideal adventure companions.

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Everyone loves a good dog, and that’s just as true when it comes to anime dogs as it is in real life. Just like a real dog, the best anime dogs are loyal to their owners, eager for a pet or two, and willing to jump in to defend the weak.

When it comes to anime dogs, however, looks can vary even more than real dogs. They may be part devil, or yokai, or some other higher order of spiritual being, but in the end, a dog is still a dog. The best anime dogs are very loyal companions that act as cute mascots without being too annoying or distracting from the actual story. These anime dogs have proven to be highly capable as dogs and adventure companions, making them ideal companions.

10 Madaro – The powerful wolf demon

Kekkaishi, produced by Sunrise, based on the manga by Yellow Tanabe

Kekaishi: Madaro the dog demon

Madarao is a wolf-like ayakashi, a type of Japanese demon that can be difficult to control, and typically resembles a floating creature. However, Madarao has a collar that helps him control his power. Madarao, being an Ayakashi, has the ability to speak, and has an incredibly emotional personality. He’s incredibly powerful, and if his collar comes off, he can grow to absolutely gigantic size. Madarao teams up with Yoshimori and Tokin to fight against other dangerous Ayakashi, the eponymous Kekashishi.

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9 Bee – an ordinary dog ​​who turned the villa into a hero

Dragon Ball Z, based on Akira Toriyama’s manga, is produced by Toei Animation.

Majin Buu smiled as he licked the dog bee in Dragon Ball.

Bee Boo and Mr. Satan find her just an injured dog. Boo heals him, and they form an instant bond as Bee’s presence helps prevent Boo from becoming destructive. Of course, that’s when a brutal mercenary, Van Zant, shoots at a bee and thinks he killed the dog, angering Buu. Boo manages to bring Bee back to life, but is finally out of control when Mr. Satan is shot. After the Boo Saga, Good Boo keeps a bee for many years, the happy dog ​​making occasional appearances in Dragon Ball Super.

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8 Tadakichi-san – A dimwitted child’s best friend

Azumanga Daioh, developed by JC Staff, based on Kiyohiko Azuma’s manga

Azumanga Dayo: Tadakichi-san.

Tadakichi-san, or “Mr. Tadakichi,” is a Great Pyrenees dog owned by Chiyo. He is a large dog that Chiyo sometimes rides on his back, and his friendly nature allows her to do so. Tadakichi-san is so easygoing as a dog that he gets along with Sakaki’s cat Maya. Chiyo has had Tadakichi-san for five years at the beginning of the story, and he’s still going strong when Azumanga Daioh wraps up, showing that he’s been with Chiyo even in America. Ultimately, he’s a big, fluffy, fuzzy ball of love, and who could ask for more than a dog?

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7 Akamaru – the powerful ninja dog

Based on Masashi Kishimoto’s manga, Naruto, developed by Studio Piroro

As seen in Naruto: Akamaru Shippuden.

Akamaru is Kiba’s Inuzuka partner, and in the beginning of Naruto, little more than a dog. Akamaru is an incredibly loyal ally, working alongside Kiba in his shinobi training and caring for him in battle. Kiba can communicate with Akamaru, which helps facilitate their close relationship. During Shippuden, Akamaru grows into a full-sized dog, big enough for Kiba to drive, and has the ability to turn into a terrifying red state when he takes special chakra recovery pills. Akamaru and Kiba’s final attack involves the pair merging into a two-headed wolf, showing the true depth of their relationship.

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6 Pochita – the chainsaw dog who gave his life to his best friend

Chainsaw Man by MAPPA is based on Tatsuki Fujimoto’s manga.

Denji and Pochita from Chainsaw Man

Pochita is a chainsaw devil, but he’s also a little guy who really loves his master, Denji. So much so, in fact, that when Denji dies, Pochita merges with him, saving his life through Pochita’s existence as a separate entity. Because of this, Pochita played a relatively small role in Chainsaw Man, but quickly became a popular character, and can be seen on all kinds of merchandise, celebrated by fans. Pochita is a pretty cute creature if you don’t simply have a chainsaw sticking out of his head, and his dog-like demeanor was key to endearing him to fans.

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5 Bond – a dog that can predict the future

Spy X Family by Witt Studio and Cloverworks, based on Tatsuya Indo’s manga

Bond in Spy x Family

Bond is a Pyrenean mountain dog who was tested before coming to live with the Foragers. Due to her own telepathic powers, Bond has the ability to see into the future, something only young Anya knows. Bond is an incredibly loyal dog, especially to Anya, and the two are often seen together if Bond joins the cast. Bond is an incredibly intelligent dog, capable of making strategic decisions in addition to using his superior size to defeat even human opponents. Bond can be difficult to train due to his experiences at trial, but overall he is a very good dog who protects Anya well.

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4 Stowland – The old dog who cares about his cat friend

Pokemon made by OLM based on the game created by Game Freak

Toracat meets Stowland in the Pokemon anime Mist.

There are many Pokemon that look like dogs, but when it comes to animation, there’s one cool kid that stands out from the crowd. In Pokemon Sun and Moon, an elderly Stotland appears to take care of the wild Litten, a cat-like Pokemon. Lytton and Stoutland care deeply for each other, and Stoutland wants to make sure Lytton will be okay when he’s gone. Unfortunately, that day comes too soon, and Stotland dies in the saddest episode of a Pokemon anime ever. Ash decides he’ll take care of Litten now, and Litten lets himself be caught. As Lytton thrived under the ashes and made his way to Incineroar, he never forgot the sweet old Stowland he cared for.

3 Black Hayate – The Fearless Shiba Inu

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, developed by Bones, based on the manga by Hiromu Arakawa

Full Metal Alchemist: Black Hyatt is under threat.

Black Hayate shows up as a Shiba Inu at the headquarters of the Central State Alchemist and soon comes under the ownership of Riza Hawkeye, who is incredibly strict when it comes to training the dog. Black Hyatt is an ordinary dog, but under Hawkeye’s guidance he is well trained to the point where he fearlessly attacks Homunculus Gluten. The presence of the Homunculus is terrifying to other dogs, so the black hyet shows remarkable agility and loyalty when attacked. In the series finale, Black Hyatt appears as a proud papa to three little puppies.

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2 Iggy – the standing dog

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure by David Productions based on Hirohiko Araki’s manga.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders Iggy.

Iggy is a Boston Terrier portrait in The Standout Crusaders. While Iggy can’t speak, he’s exceptionally intelligent, and the story occasionally reveals Iggy’s innermost thoughts, showing him to be as dedicated as any member of the group. Iggy is a bit rude, laughing and laughing right in Polnareff’s face, but when the chips are down, he’s a reliable partner. In one of the few stand-off between two animals, Iggy fights fiercely against Dio’s pet bird pet shop in a terrifying position. Unfortunately, Iggy did not reach the end of the series, but his bravery in the battle will never be forgotten by Jostars.

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1 Ein – the wonderful data dog

Cowboy Bebop, created by Shinichiro Watanabe, produced by Sunrise

The smiling eye from Cowboy Bebop

Ain is a genetically engineered Welsh Corgi known as the “Data Dog”. Ain is incredibly intelligent, occasionally able to use a computer, though his intelligence often goes unnoticed by all but Ed. While Ain wasn’t much for a fight, he was ready to face the alien creature on board, but he was bitten first. Ein is definitely very close to Ed, and when Ed finally leaves Bebop, Ein goes with her, starting a new life on Earth. In’s pleasant presence softens someone as tough as Spike, and his part in the show adds a special element that helps make Cowboy Bebop what it is.

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