Zack Snyder and Rebel Moon are arguing about the highest grossing in theaters

Rebel Moon

Zack Snyder shares his critical vision for Rebel Moon’s success in theaters as it tops 2023’s highest-grossing movies.

In a world where movie screens and streaming platforms compete fiercely for our attention, Zack Snyder finds himself in the eye of a media storm and defends his latest space epic, Rebel Moon. The filmmaker, known for his visual and narrative audacity, recently made a statement that set the network on fire: he said that his work could have made $1.6 billion if it had been released in theaters.

In a conversation with Joe Rogan, Snyder began, “Think about it, about 90 million views…that’s about 160 million people have seen Rebel Moon.” Based on an average ticket price of $10, Snyder pulled off a box office haul that could surpass Barbie’s $1.5 billion gross. Although in principle the calculation seems like a simple comparison of numbers, behind it lies a critique of how we measure success in the digital age.

Rebel Moon

Response to criticism: digital defense

It wasn’t long before voices from across the cultural spectrum questioned Zack Snyder’s logic, fooled by his brilliant calculations. However, in a recent interview with io9, the director clarified that his comments are based on information provided by Netflix and are not personal statements. “People say I’m crazy, but I’m just doing the math with the data they give me,” Snyder said, seeming to suggest a deeper reflection on the value and accuracy of looking at metrics on streaming platforms.

Beyond the numbers, the legendary director tackled a more important subject: the cultural significance of theatrical releases versus streaming. “The real cultural impact of a movie is still measured in the movie theater,” he said. According to Snyder, even though Rebel Moon reached an impressive number of viewers, the collective experience and cultural zeitgeist still lives on in the system of going to the movies.

Rebel MoonRebel Moon

What is the definition of film success today?

Despite the criticism and controversy that his statements have raised, Zack Snyder does not deny Rebel Moon or its success on Netflix. The discussion sparked by the comments highlights a shift in the entertainment industry: should we continue to value movies solely on box office receipts, or is it time to accept that new platforms provide a more accurate barometer of success and reach?

While Rebel Moon may not eclipse the barbie in terms of traditional box office revenue, Snyder’s work invites a re-evaluation of how we perceive and value movies in an age dominated by streaming. The conversation is on and beyond the numbers, perhaps the most important thing is how connected we are to the stories told to us in any form.

Rebel MoonRebel Moon

Zack Snyder is looking to not only transform the box office with Rebel Moon, but to establish a vast cinematic universe that can rival today’s biggest franchises. The aim is clear: to create a saga that not only entertains, but also provokes reflection on contemporary issues in science fiction. With Rebellion – Part Two: Scarecrow out now, Snyder plans to delve deeper into the characters and establish the mythology, promising a bolder and more visually appealing approach. This universe is a commitment to a lasting legacy in cinema by seeking to capture and sustain the attention of fans through multiple episodes.