X-Men will have a new direction led by Kitty Pryde and Emma Frost

kate pryde x-men

The unlikely alliance between the two adversaries has the task of teaching the next generation of X-Men the alliance of these heroes.

It’s not just the funny adventures and fights; Sometimes, it’s a window into unexpected redemptions and combinations. Such is the case with “Exceptional X-Men,” the latest bombshell from Marvel Comics to change the mutant saga. In this new episode, two of the most popular characters, Kitty Pryde and Emma Frost, are forced to team up to mentor the next generation of X-Men.

Trying to separate herself from her X-Men past and find normalcy, Kitty Pryde returns to her hometown of Chicago, where she tries to make ends meet as a bartender. However, her attempts at a normal life are cut short when Emma Frost, also known as the White Queen, drags her into the world of mutants. This time, the challenge is not only personal, but educational as well: lead three young, newly arrived mutants.

Under the tutelage of Pryde and Frost, three young men with special abilities are introduced: Bronze, with the power to control iron and her constant whiplash; Axo, able to arouse the emotions of those around him; And Melee, a fighter with special stealth skills. Despite the historical differences and obvious tensions between Kitty and Emma, ​​they both agree on the critical importance of their mentoring role.

Creativity and Heritage: The Vision of Eve L. Ewing

The series will be helmed by acclaimed writer Eve L. Ewing, best known for her work on “Black Panther,” and illustrated by Carmen Carneiro, whose art was featured on “Captain Marvel.” Ewing strikes a balance: it appeals to both longtime Kitty Pryde fans and new readers. “My goal is always to find a middle ground that appeals to both veterans and those new to the comics universe,” Ewing explained.


Carneiro, for her part, is excited about Kitty getting a chance to explore outside of the usual X-Men settings. “I’m excited to see how Kitty will try to live a normal life in Chicago away from the conflicts of change, but in the end I’ll have to deal with the young people who have to deal with Emma’s plans after Krakow,” the artist shared.

The future of the past

“Special X-Men #1” promises to be more than just a superhero story; It’s a journey into maturity, mentorship, and confronting conflicting generations. Available in comic book stores starting September 4, 2024, it offers new challenges and a new and deeper look at a dynamic universe that continues to surprise, transform and amaze fans of its iconic characters.


The dynamic between Pride and Frost will undoubtedly be one of the main attractions of the comic. While Kitty seeks distance from her legacy as an X-Men, Emma sees in these new mutants an opportunity to shape the future in her image. This clash of visions, the importance of protecting and educating these young people, promises a deeper reflection on not just action but leadership and responsibility.

In this episode, Marvel not only reinvents its classic characters, but challenges its readers to think about what it means to be a mentor in a world that is constantly changing, evolving, and creating new ethical and social crises. This rebirth story marks a new era not only for Kitty Pryde, but for the entire X-Men universe that promises to delve deeper into the character’s roots and potential in the 21st century.