X-Men ’97 Producer Reports How Season 2 Is Going Without Beau DeMayo In Charge

X-Men '97 Producer Reports How Season 2 Is Going Without Beau DeMayo In Charge

The second season of X-Men 97 receives a new update from Brad Winderbaum

Although Beau DeMayo was fired before the premiere of X-Men ’97, the creator of the series had already worked on season 2. However, it was still not clear how much his vision was reflected in the show. Now, DeMaio himself has turned to X to explain what his role will be next season.

I wrote a lot about Season 2. But like Season 1, I won’t be as involved or direct as much in the production, recordings, design, editorial, publishing, music, etc. It matches the creative vision of the event.

Elsewhere, Marvel TV head and X-Men 97 producer Brad Winderbaum spoke with Entertainment Weekly about the current state of the animated series. Winderbaum praised DeMaio for his plan to bring back Apocalypse, and said they were honoring Beau’s ideas for a second season, but confirmed that Season 3 would feature a new head writer. Additionally, DeMaio credits the direction taken for X-Men ’97.

How is the second season of X-Men 97 going?

During an interview with Comic Book, Winderbaum revealed that season 2 is currently in the anime stage.

“It’s still an anime phase. Animation takes a long time to make, as I’m sure you know. There was a lot of fun in this season 2 of Invincibles. They put it out as the best. And it takes a lot of time. There is a delay because the studio wants to see how successful the first season is before greenlighting the second one. We were lucky to get the green light before we went into the air, so maybe the delay will be less. “People have to be patient with us.”

Currently, the second season of X-Men 97 doesn’t have a release date, but we don’t have to wait until it’s an invincible affair.